2. Beekeeper's Video Manual: Spring works with 2 prospective beekeepers - part 2

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This cover turned backwards means we have two colonies of bees in this hive. We'll take one and moved it to another hive.
The colony that stays will become stronger with the bees of the other colony which are now out in the field. This is that system helping us to lift hives.
Before we start working let's finish cleaning around the hives. We can not work with bees and not clean around.
The air around a hive is very clean due to its ventilation by the bees. Until you finish cleaning, let's have a look at a hive with the same problem.
On the right and left of the hive are colonies that we already worked on.This one remains unresolved and we will deal with it
Let's pull it gently and start working. I want to find a mask for Dan but I don't have one at hand. In any case a sting would do no harm. :)
Let take a moment to analyze the situation. Take your places so that we leave some room for the camera guy.
Note that in this hive we had two colonies over the winter. They are separated by a separator which doesn't seal very well. This is why I wrapped a canvas on both sides of the separator.
I came over with the canvas, so the colonies are perfectly separated. This is very important because otherwhise, the bees of one colony would kill the Queen bee of the other.
In here I've made a mistake with the flight ramp. I blocked the entrances with this piece of rubber but they are were closed to one another. Thus the bees will mix and this is not good.
They should have been as far as possible to one another. The problem is that the wagon puts the neighboring hives in the same situation and is quite complicated. Here's what I did so solve this issue:
I solved the problem by fencing each flight ramp with a frame sheet. The bees tend to fly away when they reach the edge. I even separated the adjacent ramps.
This solution is now in progress. In the past due to the lack of such a solution I would very often have no queen in the colony, or I would see many bees strangling Queens when I worked at the hive.
The Queen bees were in danger by the neighboring colonies. That made me go with the solution which I spoke just now. While we talk, there is someone outside implementing it.
The beekeeping is a continually evolving domain. In the past, very often the bees would spread accross the surface of the wagon and enter by mistake the wrong hive. This thin sheet solves this issue.
Very often I found Queens who were strangled by a hand of bees. It took me a while to understand that those bees were strangers who got into the beehive by msitake and now they were killing the host Queen.
What is worse is that the host bees didn't help their own Queen. They would think that the Queen did something wrong and deserves to be punished.
In this case, we need to decide which colony will stay and which colony will go. We'll take this decision base on the weaker colony.
The colony that will stay will become stronger using the bees of the other colony which are out in the field right now. The stronger colony will be moved somewhere else and let's see how we'll proceed.