Wedding Marketing | What You Can Learn From the Presidential Candidates | Wedding Marketing Tip #5

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Welcome to Wedding Marketing Tips with Jeff from Book More Brides. So what
does your wedding business and the presidential candidates have in common? Well, today we're
going to explore wedding marketing lessons from the presidential election. \
\ Look, I don't know about you, but I've just
about had it with the election. My mailbox is full of crap, my inbox is full of crap,
my answering machine is absolutely loaded with messages from robocalls and the TV is
bombarding me with commercials. It's probably driving you just about as crazy as it's driving
me. But there are some things to learn here. So let's talk about some things you can learn
from the candidates. \ \
First thing: things to imitate. Candidates use highly targeted messages. They actually
have different commercials in different states because they know the population of that state
is going to react differently. For example, in Florida, they may have commercials about
Israel relationships because there is a big Jewish population down there retired. So they
know that's where they want to put there money. \
\ So where do you put your money in your advertising?
You want to make sure that it's congruent with the product that you're selling. Make
sure that the brides and grooms you want to attract are on that site. Another thing that
they do really well is they talk to voter's emotional concerns. They talk to their hopes,
their fears, their wants, their needs. Remember 'hope and change'? It works. This is something
that you want to make sure is in your messaging as well. You want to deal with your bride
and grooms hopes, fears, wants, and needs. Their message: they are the solution to all
your problems. Yeah right. But your product and service needs to be the solution to the
problem your brides and grooms are experiencing. A very powerful way to do this is to tell
stories. Candidates are great at telling stories, they do it all the time. Why? Because it's
a direct connection to the people that they want to vote for them. \
\ What are some of the things you can avoid?
I'm sure you brain is lighting up on this one! Number 1: going negative. Going negative
works really well in an election, it's shown to work, it only gets you a little bump in
business though, but it will bite you in the butt in the long run. Don't lie. Oh my god.
Candidates, they all lie. Doesn't it seem like that? You don't want to be like them
in that way. Don't lie. It's gonna come back and bite you again. Another thing: don't talk
crap about your competition. Don't go negative. Again, works for candidates, doesn't work
well in business. It's going to come back and bite you. \
\ They stick with the story. They always come
back to the story. It's important for you to have the right story in your marketing.
A story that connects to those emotional triggers. So number 1, what are some things you can
do? \ \
1. Take a look at your website and marketing. \
\ 2. Are you talking to emotions? Are you using
story? Are you positioning yourself as the solution to their problems? \
\ 3. Are you practicing any of these bad presidential
candidate habits? Well are you? Don't do that. \
\ Remember: brides and grooms are voting for
you with their wallets. Follow these tips and make sure you win the election. That was
clever, huh? \ \
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