Alison Haislip Extended Interview from Fiasco - TableTop ep 8

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I'm Alison Haislip.
I'm an actor.
I'm currently on Hulu's first original series, Battleground.

So most people know me from my tenure on the G4 network.
And they all like the story that G4 actually
found me in a bar.
I was bartending, and I just so happened to be wearing an
old school Nintendo remote control charm necklace.
And a guy who worked in development came to the bar,
was sitting down, we got to chatting.
He asked me about the necklace, and I was like I've
played video games since I was five.
And he was like, and you still play?
I'm like yeah.
And he's like but you're a girl.
And I'm like I know.
So we just continued chatting, and when he realized I
actually knew what I was talking about, he was like you
need to be on our network and set me up with a meeting with
the head of talent.
And I went and met her, and basically just spent 45
minutes talking about how I'm a massive nerd--
took the philosophy of Tolkien in college, and my parents
threw Trekkie parties and would dress me up as a
red-shirted Edson to pass out hors d'oeuvres.
This is in my blood.
And they hired me two weeks later because of that.
And I had no idea what I was doing, had never hosted a day
before in my life, had never seen a teleprompter.
But I knew what I was talking about, and that seemed to just
work on the network.
90% of my job was stuff people wished they could do in their
entire lifetimes.
And I got to do it in four years.
So it was an amazing, amazing experience.
And it was hard to leave when I did.
But now I'm back in the acting track, and that's what I was
out here for in the first place.
I'm extremely passionate about gaming, whether it's video
games or board games or whatever.
Obviously I love acting.
That's what I do.
That's why I'm out here.
And social media has, surprisingly, become a huge
part of my life.
Social media's something that actually came
pretty easily to me.
I got an AOL Instant Messenger account at a very young age,
like right when that was a thing, mainly because I went
to-- super nerd alert-- space camp and made friends who were
out of state.
And my parents wouldn't let me call them, because it would be
too expensive.
So we got Instant Messenger accounts so we could talk to
each other online.
And I remember going to college, and no one had an
Instant Messenger account.
And they thought that was the coolest thing.
And so that just kind of grew into Friendster and then
MySpace and then Facebook.
And then when Twitter came out, I remember hearing about
that for the first time in the G4 offices.
I was like, oh, that seems like fun.
And I just signed up.
And it gave me a platform to just post random thoughts that
just wouldn't come across in any of my actual jobs.
And my following just kind of grew because of that.
And I remember when I hit 10,000 followers, my mom was
like there's 10,000 people out there who care about what you
have to say?
And now I've got over 100,000.
And I've gotten jobs because of my Twitter account.
And I never in a million years thought that social media was
going to be a pinnacle point in my career, but here we are.
I'm such a nerd.
And I don't use that term to be like I'm so cool.
I'm a nerd.
I mean I'm actually a nerd.
And people kind of get shocked by it sometimes.
But I went to space camp for four years.
I've read Lord of the Rings at least six times.
I took philosophy of Tolkien in college.
I'm a card-carrying member of the Lord of
the Rings fan club.
It's in my wallet.
I grew up watching every episode of Star Trek, every
version of Star Trek.
I had the chicken pox in second grade and watched all
three original Star Wars every single day
for two weeks straight.
I have it all memorized.
And then video games, I've played video games since I was
five, and I haven't stopped.
I was the only female member of a
GoldenEye club in college.
Every Sunday night we'd get together, and it was a bunch
of dudes and then me, playing GoldenEye.
I hated the golden gun.
Gaming is an escape.