Lexus LF-Gh Concept Car Reveal

Uploaded by LexusGlobal on 27.12.2011

We imagined the existence of a vehicle in it's natural environment
the open road inside the folds of air. At times it's very smooth
other times it is dynamic.
The LF-Gh does not resist the flow of air rather it is harmonious.
Both mysterious and fascinating
leaving a powerful energy.
Lexus designers pursued this concept in very flow.
As a result the LF-Gh design is aggressive, involved
opposing traits of aggressiveness and elegance
produce a design that unites hard and soft
and energetic and soothing elements.
The LF-Gh concept
takes the idea of a grand touring sedan one step further and shows what
a premium car could become in a modern world. Every line combines form and function. The flow and shape of the form
along with LF-Gh ground effects which run from front to rear twisting in the center
increase a jelly and performance.

The dynamic shape gives movement to a strong underbody
by bringing the roof fender
closer to the ground the design emphasizes a lower center of gravity. It is also is the tires
impressive traction point.
The concept explores
the minimization of traditional features, such as
side mirrors and door handles
to enhance swiftness and aerodynamics.
A boldly designed spindle shaped grille
paired with unique LED headlamps
L-shaped daytime running lights
express the resolute face of Lexus.
LF-Gh is the manifestation of the continuous evolution of Lexus.
It represents the future direction
of Lexus design.