Homemade Ratatouille Recipe : Cutting Tomato for Homemade Ratatouille

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hello I am Mark Pesce from France on behalf of Expert Village, I am going to cook you
a French meal called Ratatouille. So, this step is about the tomato. We are cutting the
tomato in small pieces again. So, everything takes its right place in the plate, later.
So again this part you cut how you feel like, I mean you decide. You don't have to cut as
small as I do. But if you want to you can. So, you can. Some people like my mother take this off,
but I think it's a same because it's tomato. We have to keep everything otherwise we lost
some part of the taste. La tomate in French. We use a lot of tomato. It's very nice with
the meal. I am going to finish cooking, sorry to cut the tomato and then we go to the next