ASM 5 TUTORIALS - 4 Subtitle edit

Uploaded by jegqamas on 07.05.2012

We have here an opened project with three subtitles
To edit a subtitle, simply doube click on it (in data list or timeline control)
The subtitle's properties window will open Which include subtitle properties (times and text)
Use these timespan editors to edit start/end time or duration
You can edit the text using this rich text editor
You can pick up a text from other subtitle (only text without font, color ... )
Now let's change the font of this highlighted text
Changing the color
The result
Let's try some font styles
Now let's use the timeline control to edit this subtitle timing
Click on the subtitle to select it
The right-end of the subtitle in the timeline represents subtitle's end time
When the mouse changes it's shape into an arrow, hold the left mouse button then move the mouse to adjust the end time
To move subtitle (shift), hold the left mouse button then move the mouse to adjust subtitle start and end time
The start of subtitle in timeline control represents start time of the subtitle Hold the left mouse button on the start point then move the mouse to adjust the start time