This Cost What!? - $2,500 edition: INspaces Video

Uploaded by SpacesTV on 10.09.2012

It's a good thing that New York is a city that never
sleeps, because you can barely afford a place that's big
enough to do that in.
What you can do is daydream about what it would be like to
live anywhere outside of Manhattan, one of the world's
most densely populated islands.
So here is another This Cost What?, where we take three
American cities and one common price point and
compare real estate.
On the chopping block this week is New York City, New
Orleans, and Denver, Colorado, all at a rent of $2,500.
With $2,500 in New Orleans, Louisiana, you could live in a
two bedroom, one and a half bath located in the heart of
the city with a custom eat-in kitchen, mouldings, balcony,
and a laundry room in the building.
I would throw beads at this place.
In Denver, wake up and enjoy coffee in your
granite, eat-in kitchen.
This one bedroom features a marble bath, hardwood floors,
and walk-in closets.
And the list continues, gated entrance,
jacuzzi, fitness center.
In New York City for $2,500, you can enjoy a studio
apartment in Manhattan with hardwood floors, two closets,
and a separate kitchen, which is actually a rare find.
The building has a gym and nice lobby and is located in
Harold Square, one of the city's least desirable and
busiest intersections.
Listen, I hate to say I told you so.
If I had things my way, next show would be In Spaces Live
from Denver, Colorado.
But it's not.
So I'm going to keep on doing This Costs What?
as my way to vent.
But share your space with us.
Tweet your places to @atspacestv.
Share your place and what you pay.
And please keep your bragging to a minimum.
There is only so much I can handle.