Kommissar Rex-Alex(6x4)

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Hello, Katharina. You switched it on again?
- So you're heading home? - Leave me alone!
something might happen to your little daughter.
- Why? - She's with me.
That's not true. I'll ring home now.
You'll never see her again.
- You're lying! - No, she's here with me.
She could speak with you, but her mouth is taped up.
- No, you can't do that. - Listen, do what I say now.
Or something will happen to her. Do you hear me?
Do you hear me, Katharina?
Answer me. Do you understand me?
Good God!
Hello? Katharina?
Katharina, where are you?
What's up? Did you hurt yourself?
I'll call an ambulance.
You see? It's your fault.
This is what happens when you don't listen.
- Daddy... - What is it, Marion?
- Must you work much longer? - Yes.
I may even have to go to the office.
- I'm hungry. - Mummy will be home soon.
- Then we'll all eat. - All right. I'll go and play.
What's that?
A theft prevention device. Against you know who.
If the pencils are removed, they'll fall
and the noise will warn me.
Why not put your ham roll in a drawer?
You don't know what a scheming animal he is!
A drawer isn't a problem for him.
Why not give him the roll, it'll save a lot of work.
You see,
he must learn that l, as a human being...
am technologically superior...
Carefully and quietly.
- But sooner or later... - Later, it seems.
Brandtner, Homicide.
And where?
I know the place.
Thank you. See you.
There's been a fatal car crash. According to a witness
it could have been caused by someone else.
Let's go.
- Hello. - Hi, Alex.
No skidmarks on the road.
She probably raced right through.
- What was the cause of death? - There were many.
Broken ribs and a pierced lung,
or the aorta being torn near the left clavicle,
but I think it's a fractured skull and brain injury.
No seatbelt, you see.
We'll check the car for technical faults.
It could also be suicide, Alex.
The nature of the accident indicates it.
I want pictures of the damage inside.
I need them for my report.
- I'll contact you. - Bye.
These two cyclists heard the phone call.
- Anything else? - Yes.
She was Katharina Lenz. Shall I go?
No, I'll do it myself. Thanks anyway.
- I'll get it. - lt'll be Mummy.
Maybe she forgot her keys.
Mummy, I'm coming.
I'm Marion. What do you want?
I'm Alex, and this is Rex.
- Brandtner. May I talk to you? - Come in.
What can I do for you?
Marion, will you show Rex some of your toys?
He likes things which move or squeak.
- May l? - Of course.
Come on, Rex.
I have bad news for you.
I'll show you something.
Mummy brought this for me a few days ago.
Mr Lenz, I need to ask you some questions.
Was your wife on medication?
Was she depressed?
Could she have caused this accident herself?
She had no reason to do such a thing.
Besides, she's a good driver.
I can't understand how this happened.
Do you want to try it too?
When did you last ring her?
I didn't call her today.
We have a statement from a witness
that your wife was threatened by a man on the phone.
Does that make sense?
She was harassed by a man once.
He left a message on the machine.
- I kept the tape. - May I have it?
- I must go now. - Rex likes the tree climber.
- I'll give it to him. - Fine. What do you say?
Goodbye, Rex.
What did you ask my daddy?
He'll tell you himself.
Be nice to him. Promise?
I promise.
Exclusive, historical toys from your childhood.
89 schillings for a climber, ladies and gentlemen.
A symbol of life, going up and down.
How about one for a grandchild or daughter?
Buy two and the second one will only cost 50 schillings.
- How much is a tree climber? - For you, my dear lady,
- 89 schillings. - Fine, I'll take one.
- Your child will be happy. - I have none. It's for my niece.
- It's nice to see these toys. - So you like antique toys?
I'm getting some nice teddy bears.
I could keep one for you.
Perhaps your niece has a birthday soon.
It's in three weeks. I'll come back again.
I frequently change locations.
But maybe I can reach you somewhere.
- This is my office number. - I will certainly ring you.
I need all the numbers phoned in the past four weeks.
Especially those contacted today. Hurry, please.
Alex, where did you get the climber?
Katharina Lenz' daughter gave it to Rex.
She's about eight years old.
Her dad has to tell her her mother is dead.
- Shit. - You can say that again.
Her husband said she'd been harassed before.
- Any idea by whom? - No.
Unfortunately not. But I have a tape.
His voice on the answering machine.
Hello, Marion. Dad and I have gone skating.
See you later, sweetie.
Hello, Katharina. It's me.
You're not at home and not on the mobile.
I know more about you than you think.
Yesterday I saw your daughter go home from school.
Her name's Marion. Am I right?
Your husband came home late. And Katharina...
have you picked up your laundry yet?
No, it's only Tuesday. I'll get back to you.
If he rang from a public phone, we'll be searching forever.
It's all we have.
- I'll take it to the lab. - What can they do?
A voice analysis. It'll give us some clues.
Hello, Katharina. It's me. You're not at home.
You're not on the mobile. Where are you?
I know more about you than you think.
Yesterday I saw your daughter go home from school.
Hear that? He rang from a phone booth.
Street noise and the typical gas-powered Vienna bus.
Can you tell me anything about him?
He uses the higher register, so lots of vocal cord activity.
He must speak a lot, and loudly.
An alveolaric D.
No rolling R.
He speaks in a commanding voice,
but he's already agitated.
I guess he's under 45 years of age.
That's a very large group.
Lots of men of that age have problems with women.
- Who's speaking? - Hello.
Yes, it's me.
- What do you want? - Janine, I've seen your flat.
You have a nice living room.
But what about all those cushions?
Your boyfriend's leaving you, am I right?
Why were you here?
What do you want?
I found a few photos of you.
Very interesting, very revealing. Perhaps a bit vulgar.
You know what I mean?
Shall I send them to your parents?
Or to your employer? How would your boss react?
Return them!
You have beautiful legs, Janine.
And beautiful breasts.
Listen to me, Janine. Go to your bedroom.
Put on your black nightie.
It's in the wardrobe, on the left, on the red hook.
Did you understand?
- Janine. - Yes.
Hurry, then. I want to do lots of things.
You're not at home and not on the mobile.
Where are you? I know more about you than you think.
His register changes here.
Yes, he's quite decisive here.
He might use that phrase often.
He speaks very correctly.
I don't think he grew up that way. You can tell.
What profession could he be in?
Well, he possesses good verbal skills,
an average education.
So, based on his vocal characteristics,
he could be a sales rep, a teacher or a tour guide.
- Got it on? - Yes, I have.
Then go back to the living room
and light the candles.
They're somewhere there.
Did you light them? Are they lit?
Yes, they are. Really.
Don't lie to me. I can see you.
Give me my photos!
Not yet.
Why not?
I still need you.
Light the candles and get back to the window.
Stop sobbing.
Light the candles.
- I'm lighting them. - I can see you.
Pick up the candle stand.
I want to see your face.
Raise your right hand and touch your strap.
- Yes? - Yes.
And push it down very slowly.
Slowly, very slowly, nice and slow...
Fine. That's very good, Janine.
Now do the same with your other strap.
Do it slowly, please.
That's the way, show yourself to me.
What's wrong?
Janine, what are you doing? Janine!
He's under 45
and probably has a record of minor sexual offences.
There are lots of those.
I know, but we must check them all.
We can't charge him anyway.
Good God, I know.
I know... You weren't in the Lenz family's home.
- I've never seen you like this. - It gets to me.
In 95 percent of cases, the victim knows the murderer.
But this is happening to people who've done nothing.
I want to catch the guy.
Perhaps we can arrest him for previous crimes.
Yes, I know where it is.
Looks as if he's done it again.
She managed to talk to a colleague.
An unknown man rang her,
blackmailed her and made her light candles.
- How is she? - She's suffered burns
as well as smoke and acid inhalation.
She's unconscious but she'll make it.
Thank God.
I rang her boyfriend. He was about to dump her.
He has an alibi. Knows nothing about anonymous calls.
I want all the reports about anonymous calls.
There are hundreds every day.
Very few get reported or we'd catch more of them.
Statistically, many reports lead to nothing.
- We'll check them all. - Horrible.
You took the words out of my mouth.
Tree climbers for sale! Hand-painted, nostalgic.
I'll have one. For my son.
A good family man, I like that. Good luck.
- 89 schillings. - I'm divorced.
He's with my wife.
I see. I know that situation.
It's been my own unfortunate experience.
They catch you, then clean you out, right?
That's women for you.
- Don't take it so hard. - Of course I don't.
You hit back, you show them who's boss.
Good luck to you.
Good morning.
There are millions of reports.
Yes, I can see that.
My name is Gruber. I'd like to speak to Mrs Eder.
So she'll be in later. That's a problem.
Can you tell me where I can reach her?
The hospital?
But she's very close to her mother.
Which hospital is she in?
To send flowers. I'm an old friend...
The Western Hospital, thanks.
A woman reported her neighbour
because he sent her rays via the phone.
A woman was rung by her ex fifty times a day.
She needs a silent number. Anything else?
I have thirty files which are of interest.
What matters is if anyone taped these calls.
Yes. Let's start calling people.
Made your decision?
You've chosen the nicest one I have.
89 schillings.
- Here. - Thanks.
My son wants an antique train set.
Do you think you can help me?
You're very lucky. I still have two in stock.
They're too large to bring here.
If you like, I can phone you and bring one to show you.
He'll love it.
Well? Would you like that?
- I'm rarely home. - Don't you have a mobile?
I know a bit about you. Yesterday, I saw your...
It seems different.
He rang me several times at home and here,
but I don't know who it is.
- May l? - There's not much.
When he rang yesterday
I held my dictaphone against the receiver.
You'd better do as I say. I'll get you, Regina.
I know what you do, I know where you go.
You're making it up. I don't believe you.
You're right. It does sound different.
I might be wrong, though. May I take it?
Sure. I'm glad to be rid of it.
What about you, pretty ladies?
What about a boyfriend for you?
Up and down, that's lots of fun.
What about a tree climber, young lady?
I know what you do, I know where you go.
You're making it up. I don't believe you.
He used the words "l" and "know" in both calls.
As you can see here,
it is without doubt the same caller.
The second tape is poor, so they sound different.
- But you can't fool technology. - Or Rex.
He heard it was the same voice.
A dog's hearing
is four times more sensitive than a human's.
They're objective and can detect moods much better.
There you go, Rex.
He's done this for a while.
From phone booths, which are harder to trace.
No luck with the ones with a record.
We've only done half the files.
So there's hope.
What have you been up to?
I've checked the details of Dressler, Lenz and Toman.
There are no clues at all.
Can Janine Toman be questioned yet?
Unfortunately not.
Damn it, there must be some connection.
Hello, Susanne.
Yes, it's me.
Don't hang up.
I've made a few inquiries about you.
I know a bit about you.
Our caller mostly uses the same strategy.
He uses threats against them or a close relative.
What's in it for him?
Power. Using the phone gives him impunity.
I suppose he's insecure, has sadistic tendencies
and feels badly done by for some reason.
It doesn't help us solve the matter.
Dr Landowski, Western Hospital. Is Mrs Eder...
- Speaking. - Good evening.
I'm afraid I have bad news for you.
Your mother asked me to ring.
She's not well. She wishes to see you.
I'll come immediately.
Hello. This is Radio Cabs.
A cab to 52 Garden Street. As quickly as possible.
- Radio Cabs. - Eder here, 52 Garden St.
I ordered a cab ten minutes ago.
We're sorry. It'll be five minutes.
- In five minutes. Thank you. - Goodbye.
I know you. You sold me the toy the other day.
I have teddies for you now.
It was you who rang me just now.
Oh, man.
I even dream about this case.
Thank you for waking me up.
Hi, Christian.
Yes. Where?
I'm on my way.
A clear-cut case of strangulation.
And the murder weapon?
There isn't one.
It could have been a piece of fabric
Iike a finely woven scarf.
There are imprints on the neck.
The strangulation mark is at the back.
Both ends were crossed behind the neck.
Besides, there are marks on the wrists,
obviously caused by resisting.
So there.
- When did it happen? - About 1 0 p.m.
She'd rung a cab, and the cab driver found her.
I'll ring you with the autopsy results. Bye.
Bye, Leo.
It wasn't a robbery. No valuables touched.
She must have been in a rush. She rang for a cab twice.
Looks as if someone looked for something.
Possibly an underwear fetishist.
Hand-painted, nostalgic, 89 schillings.
A tree climber. The toy we played with as children...
One, please.
.... and Karin Eder worked in a freight company.
Though they all lived far apart,
their work places were all close together
and near the inner city.
Perhaps they all went to the same cafe,
and the culprit saw them there.
So let's find out Regina Dressler's daily routine.
Brandtner's phone, Böck here.
Hang on.
Which district? Thank you.
He rang Katharina Lenz from this phone booth
before the accident.
I'll be on my way. Try to find Regina Dressler.
Dressler, Regina. Dressler...
The third one from the bottom.
I'm astonished, Kunz. Thank you.
Hello. It's been thoroughly cleaned
because a drunk took it for a loo last night.
Damn. Let forensics have a look anyway.
Rex, can you pick up the scent again?
Tree climbers, would you like one?
- Yes. - Choose one.
- That's the nicest one. - How much is it?
89 schillings.
If you like antique teddy bears, I'll have some next week.
- No, thanks. - Sure?
I rarely go to cafes, and not to the same one.
Can you remember if he said something like
"l know a lot about you"?
I've blocked those calls out. I can hardly remember them.
- May I go now? - I have one more question...
Mrs Dressler, thank you for coming here.
I'm afraid I couldn't help much.
- I'm about to go. - Wait. Have a look at this.
Do you recognise any of these?
- This one. - Please don't touch.
I live in a townhouse.
Someone stole laundry from my clothesline.
Please sit down again.
I think the culprit was near you, even in your house.
We need to find out
how this man met you and got your phone number.
I often hand it out in connection with my work.
Mrs Dressler, please think carefully.
We believe this man has killed two women.
Where did your dog get that toy?
For your daughter?
Tree climbers, a symbol of life.
It goes up and down. Tree climbers.
About six foot, unkempt, sells toys in the street.
You must have issued a licence for him.
A list of all market sellers who have a criminal record
or have committed a sexual offence...
His name? Kurt Baudisch!
Anything on Kurt Baudisch?
He's been reported several times.
Where can I find him? He moves around?
Any address at all?
That's great.
A lovely place.
The gentleman got nervous after the murder.
He burnt some evidence.
But where is the guy?
Yes, that's true. Shit.
Regina Dressler said she bought that thing in the city.
Better get one while stocks last.
Special prices for the whole family...
Call your dog off.
Unfortunately, he doesn't obey me.
Interrogation of Kurt Baudisch who agreed to the recording.
You can't use the tape in court.
I won't give you a confession.
We have lots of evidence. The stolen laundry, etc.
But there are no fingerprints on them, right?
Don't underestimate us.
You stupidly took items from Karin Eder's flat with you.
I found those things.
I'm a lonely man, that's all.
You'll have to try a bit harder.
I know I have nothing to tell you.
Speak to my lawyer.
And I know you've told us enough already.
Well, Mr Baudisch.
With this recording we can prove to you,
by using a vocal comparison,
that you rang and threatened Dressler and Lenz repeatedly.
And this evidence will stand up in court.
I wouldn't yell. Rex hates that.
He's ready. Come on, Rex.
Speak nicely now.
- My pleasure. - No, mine.
- Thanks again. - Goodbye.
Well, Rex.
The two of us will go and see Marion.
We have to thank her
for helping us to solve the case�