MiWuLa News TV: Oktober 2012

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 23.10.2012

Welcome to a new edition of MiWuLa-News
Bella Italia at Wunderland!
The planning and reconstruction phase for our new layout
bordering Switzerland are under way.
At this time, the model makers still inhabit the future Italian region.
Right now we're on a relocation mission.
At the other side of the building the Promised Land for our model makers is arising.
For our top model maker Gerhard Dauscher everything centers on
Dolce Vita, Pasta, Ferrari, Bunga-Bunga, and more.
After his trip to Italy, He's trying to sort out all impressions,
keeps gathering information, and is working out first sketches, in order to illustrate space conditions.
What exactly will happen on the free layout space?
Which buildings can be realized at which gauge?
Where to install technology, which stations will be created, and which way will the railway tracks run?
Many questions to consider…
Solutions are developing slowly.
We don't want to disclose everything, yet, but the main themes will be
- the coastline, the ocean, and water.
Some buildings in consideration are the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome,
the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
or the Ponte Veccio in Florence.
More ideas are the bridges in the Venice Lagoon,
the volcanic landscape skirting the Vesuvius in Naples,
the ruins of Pompeii,
or the trullo houses of Alberobello in Apulia.
Is there enough space for all those ideas?
To depict everything on 100 sqm - impossible!
The upcoming month will show how the planning is progressing.
Start of construction for this exciting layout will be spring 2013.
Let's talk about the HafenCity-project.
This is the base construction on which parts of the HafenCity will be built upon.
Among others, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall shall be placed, here.
Therefore, we needed a test specimen
- built from our old entrance sign.
With this model our model makers can test how intricate details
can be integrated into the structural works,
and the electricians can plan the illumination for the facades.
Furthermore, we are considering the possibility of opening the Elbe Philharmonic Hall mechanically,
in order to present the concert hall to its full extent.
Mid-November we will have a tongue-in-cheek laying of the foundation stone ceremony.
At that time we will report in detail about this project,
and Gerrit will present it in his Diary.
In the meantime, the model makers
makers are busy beautifying the layout
and adding more details, including new greenery for some areas.
It's tedious work.
Here, a large part of Middle Germany is being embellished and wrapped in fresh green.
In all other layouts
an important detail was added.
From now on, Wunderlanders will never have to shout:
"Come again? I can't hear you! Poor reception!",
because tiny cell towers for a comprehensive mobile network were installed.
Not only cell phone reception has improved,
many Wunderland flats, especially in rural areas,
have impeccable TV-reception thanks to many new satellite dishes.
Charging broadcast fees might be a future option…
It took a while, but the new restaurant area is open, now!
With our much larger kitchen we now can
offer a wider variety of foods and beverages.
You can watch how your pasta dish is being
prepared at our Live Cooking Station.
At the salad bar, connoisseurs can assemble a healthy meal,
or choose one of our daily specials.
Not only our menu is quite impressive,
the entire atmosphere is inviting you to stay awhile!
This model is another highlight in our new restaurant.
Our guests have the opportunity to be generous and have fun at the same time.
The new tip box invites anyone to throw our little Euro-worshippers a few coins.
In return, they will perform a thank-you-dance.
We're looking forward to your visit.
We are working on some new aircrafts for the Airport.
Sascha is preparing an airplane, which just arrived from the paint shop,
for the installation of technology:
The British Airways Concorde.
In a few days the airplane will commence its service.
The aircraft A 330-200 of the airline China Eastern is already finished.
It is now serving the air traffic between Shanghai and Knuffingen.
Klas is working on the CRJ 900 by Eurowings, which will go into operation in November.
Until now, you could only see the standard model CRJ 700 at our airport.
This aircraft will be the smallest machine to be found in Wunderland.
Here, the body is being split, stretched upwards
with some polystyrene, and reassembled with some filler
in order to make some more space to fit technology inside.
Then, the model will be lacquered. Soon, you will be able to watch it on the runway.
For this push-button action, an exchangeable layout in the Hamburg section,
Stefan has thought up something crazy: a shark alert.
In the midst of a small, tranquil pond, suddenly a shark fin appears.
By means of Stefan's well-known magnet technology the shark is drawing circles
while its fin and outline is evident.
The shocked swimmers are taking flight.
Explosive times in Wunderland!
In only 20 meters distance from our entrance, in the mud of the canal,
a 500-pound unexploded ordnance from World War II was found.
Within no time the defusing of the shell was prepared.
Some special-purpose vehicles which, luckily, are seldom to be seen, showed up.
In the evening the shell was lifted from the waters, defused successfully, and removed from site.
Of course, we were worried for our Wunderland, but, it was an exciting event at the same time.
Maybe, we will depict the scene on our layout in the future.
That's it for this edition.
Thanks for watching. See you next time.