Guardian Angels at Landstuhl

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[♪Christmas music♪]
Hi, this is Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers
wishing all the troops to get back home safe for the holidays.
And thank you for all your services. Peace.
Welcome back.
A military family based in Germany is being honored
by the National Military Family Association.
Michelle Michael has their story.
[Michael] Belief or disbelief is your choice.
I've done this ever since I was three.
I did it for four and a half years.
[Michael] With a name as unique as her job...
[Campbell] You boys got some, right?
[Michael] this 7-year-old messenger gives up playtime...
[Campbell] We're handing out angel bags. >>[Michael] so soldiers don't give up.
They're these little things.
[Michael] Bags of notes and snacks hand delivered to patients
in this hospital cafeteria.
And like most guardian angels, she won't leave you alone...
[Campbell] Are you her patient? >>[Michael] just because...
[Campbell] Are you her patient? >>[Michael] you ignore her. >>[Campbell] Are you her patient?
[Michael] Ceilidha is a regular here, along with her sister Rhynli and mother Tawny.
We're just a family, and this is what we do.
It's like we've almost lived here, we've been here for so long.
[Michael] Yet today... >>I'm actually nervous. >>[MIchael] is different.
See, we've got a little video over there, so we've got to get moving.
[C. Campbell] So you're going to follow me? >>[Michael] It's hard to keep up with an angel who flies.
[C. Campbell] He has to run fast too.
[Michael] And after more than an hour of trying, I learned something
from a 7-year-old.
It's all just great.
[Michael] Angels don't worry about you; they believe in you.
Did I give you one yet?
[Michael] And they don't skip lunch.
I think we might just have to pause it.
[Michael] This is where Ceilidha makes friends.
She met Sergeant Willie Gronberg here just a few weeks ago.
[Gronberg] You got a cheeseburger? >>Yeah. I love cheeseburgers. But I hate hamburgers.
[Michael] Willie has cancer.
I've always wanted a big family.
[Michael] Testicular cancer. >>A large family. Four or five.
[Michael] Doctors told him he may never have a family of his own.
But it seems they were wrong.
Before he even considered adoption... >>[Gronberg] Do you drink coffee yet? >>No.
[Michael] he was adopted.
You'll drink coffee after a couple years. >>No way. It's bad for me. Can you open this?
[Michael] You see, Ceilidha and her family didn't just become angels;
they were sent by Sergeant Joe Campbell, Ceilidha's father,
a deployed flight medic who brings injured patients out of the war zone
to this hospital.
And we've had a couple of those guys.
They've come and they'd give her a hug and they'd say, "This is from your dad."
From the bottom of my heart, they've touched it.
[Michael] When life gives us more questions...
Is the video camera still going? >>[Michael] than answers...
How long is this movie going to be?
[Michael] it's hard to see the beauty of what is there.
Did you know I won first place in my school for this beauty thing?
[Michael] Next month the Campbells will be honored in Washington, DC,
as this year's Army Family of the Year.
The hardest part, it seems, is getting there.
[T. Campbell] We hate leaving.
[Michael] But this isn't exactly the end.
Each time I miss him, I'll look at the picture. I'll remember you forever, Willie.
I'll remember you too.
[Michael] And what's the harm in believing you have a guardian angel...
Aw, thank you.
[Michael] when you have proof that you were kissed by one?
[kissing sound]
Michelle Michael... >>Bye! >>[Michael] Landstuhl, Germany.
[C. Campbell] I'm still nervous--hello--being on TV.