Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan - is Europe and North America Next?

Uploaded by JCVdude on 01.02.2011

It used to be said that the pen is mightier than the sword.
Today it could be argued that it’s the internet and social media and all its forms that have
taken the place of a pen.
Recently the CBS news magazine. sixty minutes traveled to the United Kingdom to interview
Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks
who is currently under house arrest and facing possible deportation to the United States.
To face of variety of yet undetermined charges.
His crime is releasing the truth
about activities of governments around the world. Not any one specific government
and it's not only governments. It’s businesses It appears that their are many people out there,
fearful of the truth.
the information WikiLeaks gathers isn't by soliciting it. It is things that whistleblowers
so-called whistleblowers pass on.
It my opinion
whistleblowers are the most conscientious people out there
because they see a wrong and rather than turn a blind eye
they decide to do something about it.
Why they don't take it to their leaders is very simple.
In many instances
the leaders don't want to know the
nasty the uh... awful
They want turn a blind eye.
Look as recent Canada hearings in the Afghanistan affair where it was disclosed that Canadian
soldiers were handing over prisoners to the Afghan army to be tortured
Our government did everything to assault
the whistleblower
discredit him
and finally to shut down the hearings.
Better not to know all those things.
Mainstream media today has major challenges ahead,
As we go towards the next millennium.
And by me saying the next millennium, I’m talking about this new revolution that's taking place
around the Middle East. If you watch what's happening in
Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen
and see how governments are reacting you’ve got to realize that
a populist movement is taking place
and eventually, if this movement grabs a foothold
in western countries in Europe, North America
and Asian countries
We are going to be on that evil of a global Revolution.
And I say it's going to be hight time
When you watch politicians
and hear their rhetoric
from no matter what side they’re on,
you realize that throughout our time
as much as things change they haven't changed.
A political face assigned
is just a face.
Their statements are just statements.
But nothing really changes
I was watching the 2003 state of the union address given by president
George Bush at that time
And by golly this sounds like everything that
President Barrack Obama is talking about today
Sure some of the things have changed.
It’s now not a talk about uh...
Electric ... hydrogen cars I should say as it was back in 2003
Everyone is going to be driving a hydrogen powered car.
Today or Obama has changed it to electric Cars that will be in everyone's garage.
But the fundamental statements remain the same.
So it’s going to be time that people stood up and took back the power of governing
into their own hands.
I hope the change comes soon.