Opportunities in Australian education

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Transcript in English Hello! My name is Eve Ching. I’m the education
manager and I’m responsible for the education sector. We serve as a bridge to connect schools
and colleges between Hong Kong and Australia. For Hong Kong education institutions you may
have a great opportunity to find Australian partners. You know, Australia is the number
two player in the local education sectors in Hong Kong. Each year around 12,000 Hong
Kong students choose an Australian program here in Hong Kong.
To give you an example, we introduce Hong Kong vocational schools to many potential
Australian partners and they work together to offer programs. We can help you to identify
the potential projects and partners and we will save your time and resources. So call
us today and we can help you to find the right connections.
中文譯本 大家好!我是教育經理程穎怡 (Eve
Ching),負責教育事宜,我們是連接香港及澳洲兩地學校的橋樑。 事實上,香港教育機構擁有很多和澳洲學校合作的機會。您知道嗎?澳洲課程在香港的市場佔有率為第二大的,每年大概有12,000位香港學生選擇在港修讀澳洲課程。