I@M$@M 12 (eng sub/full)

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Stop running!
Ahjussi, it's dangerous! Run!
How can a girl be so fast?
What is it?
I don't know.
Who are those guys?
Ahjussi, please help us.
Take us to the police. Someone's chasing us.
- Please help, ahjussi! - Please hurry!
Did you give my regards to your dad, kiddo?
Ahjussi, get out quickly!
What is this? What?
How annoying!
We don't abide by the law, either.
Why in the world are you doing this?
Please just tell us.
Mr. Jang, just stay quiet.
Where is this place?
I don't know.
But on the way here, I saw a mountain behind us.
And also a big smokestack.
Yes, chairman.
They're here already. Yes.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
Yes. See you later. Yes, chairman.
What are you doing? Why are you going through my stuff?
Where is your cell phone?
I forgot to bring my cell phone today.
Don't be like that.
There's nothing.
Who is this person?
I am Eun Byul's homeroom teacher.
He said he's a teacher.
You want me to take care of him?
No need to.
Hyung, the money will double if we have 2 hostages.
Chairman Jang Seo Dong told me to treat you well.
If you let me go now, I'll pretend that nothing happened.
Is that right?
Ahjussi... I'm giving you an easy way out.
As long as you stay quiet, then there will be no problem.
So what do you want?
If you harm one hair on my daughter's head,
the talks are over.
Chairman, your daughter...
Jang Seo Dong is notorious for being exact with numbers.
He wouldn't kidnap my girl just because of one hotel on Jeju Island.
What he wants is revenge.
Giving him the hotel will not guarantee her safety.
Eun Byul...
We're getting her back tonight.
Get the car ready.
Leave this to me.
I will take responsibility and bring her back safely.
Eun Byul is all I've got.
Catch my drift?
Look at my card.
You'll lose for sure.
Hey, that card is nothing.
Be careful or it'll be taken away.
Look carefully, I'll show you how card playing should be.
- Here. - Alright, this card.
- Look at this. - My God, I have such a good hand.
Teacher, I will distract them and you'll take back the cell phone.
What are you going to do?
Got it?
Kid, go back there.
Looks like you are having fun playing cards, so I want to watch.
I will show you how card playing should be, kiddo.
Sit down right here.
Sit down.
Oppa will teach you how to play card.
- Hey, whose turn is it? - Me.
Don't put down that one.
It's mine.
3 points for me.
Each of you give me 3000 won.
Go away.
Can I play too?
You're playing with what?
Are you afraid of losing?
Play it seriously. But, do you have the confidence to win?
10,000 won for 1 point.
That's too much.
You don't have that much money.
Can I use this as collateral?
Is it real?
I'm Yoo Eun Buyl. How can I wear fake jewelry?
It's platinum.
It's hard.
You fool!
Trying to bite platinum?
Teacher, you should come out to watch us play.
I don't know how to play cards.
Eun Byul won that much already?
Win what? It's still too early to win.
You don't know who is the winner until the last game.
So as of right now, you're winning, right?
Hey teach.
You're this old and don't even know how to play cards. What have you been doing?
What else would a teacher do besides teach?
You're right.
Now, I will show you how much I know about cards.
Let see what you got.
Alright, let's play.
- Shuffle it well. - Is it easy to play?
Of course, just one card.
My fingers aren't that quick because I held chalk to much, but don't worry about it.
What are you doing here?
Are you done with the painting?
Not yet. Do you want to eat dinner with me?
- Let me finish with this first. - I'll help you.
There's a mountain from behind and also a big smokestack.
Come quickly.
What is it?
A message from Eun Byul.
I couldn't contact her the entire night.
It's not dialed from her cell phone.
Maybe she has a new number?
Try to call her back.
Even though the world stop spinning, the game has to continue.
Who is it?
- Who could it be? - Pick it up.
Eun Byul? Did you send the text message?
Moo Shin, help me!
What are you doing?
So it was a trap.
What? What happened? It's Eun Byul, right?
Moo Shin!
Where is she?
We really don't know.
Should I pour this on them?
They'll be nice and crispy.
Go outside and lock all the doors.
Go outside and lock the doors!
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Now there's no way out.
I'll ask you once more.
Where is she?
Are you serious? Did you call the police?
I think she's in danger.
Sending me a message is probably her way of asking me to find her, right?
Chae Moo Shin.
If you get in trouble again, what are you going to do?
But it's Eun Byul.
Isn't she your friend?
How can you say that?
Just because I'm worrying about you here.
Do you think I'm not worried about her?
Stop arguing and tell me what the message was.
- You can see a big smokestack. - You can see a big smokestack.
A smokestack?
I think we need an expert here.
I know a place with three.
But one?
An electric plant with 3 smokestacks?
Those are everywhere.
One smokestack!
Man, you're no help at all!
Why did you call to ask Da Bin that?
I can see three from my house.
Two smokestacks side by side could look like one, right?
If we calculate the angle at which two smokestacks look like one...
If you look on a map, one side is a river, and the other is...
Really? Got it.
West from where we are?
Ren Soo, get me the directions.
We were going to be nice to you, but you took advantage of us.
If you two pull any more stunts, you'll be sorry.
Play nice.
Why did you contact Moo Shin?
There's a ton of other people, you know.
Like Mr. Kim.
If Mr. Kim comes...
Never mind.
I hear something moving.
Oh, it's only cockroach.
There are some over there too.
My back... my back.
My back!
Jang Seo Dong has 3 warehouses.
One is in So Won, and one is in Ji Pang Dong
and another one in Nam Gi Dong.
I know, I know. Go find her quickly.
We're unable to locate Miss Yoo's cell phone.
You can't contact the teacher too?
No sir.
Then try to locate his cell phone.
Yes sir.
Detective Kim.
Seems like the door is locked.
Think of something quickly.
Let's look for something around here.
My hairpin. Here.
Take it.
Will it work?
Give it a try. We can't give up. Hurry!
Right here.
I can't see anything.
I'll try this way.
- Got it? - Wait.
- Did you get it? - Almost.
Do this.
Like this.
You're really...
I'm sorry, Eun Byul.
Sorry for what? I'm the one who needs to say sorry.
You're in this situation because of me.
Even though I don't know what happened.
But at times like this...
It's better to have me here with you.
I don't know why I have this kind of feeling.
You're really not brave at all.
What are you saying?
Don't underestimate me.
I'm still able to protect my woman.
Your woman?
No, I didn't mean it that way.
Though you're only saying that... I feel much better now.
Trust me.
I will not let anything happen to you.
- Yes. - Yes.
They're able to locate Mr. Jang's cell phone.
Really? Where is it?
It's close to Ran Ji Do.
Call Manager Kim right away.
Yes, there's good news.
You're here?
Here, let's see what we have here.
All of these are for Mrs. Kim, right?
There's a rattle.
Milk bottles, shoes... You got everything here.
But why can't you bring this to her?
By then, I need to go somewhere with my dad.
I'm sorry for asking you to do this for me.
You're asking for help, yet I can't feel the sincerity.
This is cute.
Be careful.
Don't let germs get on it.
Come to think of it, it's almost time for Mrs. Kim to return to work.
She took 3 months for maternity leave.
That's right.
So when she returns, Mr. Ji will...
The owner is coming back. The guest, of course, has to leave.
Substitution is like that.
Don't look at me like that. It's not like I'm fired.
Besides, I can't stay at one place for too long anyway.
Working here today... working there another day.
But this time, I will miss this job very much.
Then where will you be transfered to next?
I don't know.
I'm sure there will be an open position soon.
Maybe in India or Nepal?
It'll be difficult to see you in the future.
Why? Will you miss me?
Do you want to go with me?
I thought 3 months is a short time, but I didn't think it'll be like this.
Many things had happened... and there are many changes.
A heart... can tilt to a certain direction.
You and Eun Byul started school almost at the same time.
If Eun Byul goes abroad to study, Mr. Jang must be very sad.
Though it was a short period of time, but it's not that short either.
So Yi is like a river.
Regardless of where the river is, it eventually flows to one place.
It's impossible to stop the water flowing from the river.
I'm hungry and thirsty too.
Let's see if we can find something to drink.
What is this?
Let's see, can we drink this?
Rum Wine?
- You want me to drink this stuff? - You can't drink this.
Are you uncomfortable?
Eun Byul.
Wine can become poisonous, but it also can save you if you use it wisely.
I have a great idea.
What is it?
With the wine in our mouths...
When they open the door, we'll spit fire in their faces.
What do you think?
Use fire?
Will it work?
Don't you see it all the time on TV shows?
They'll be so shock and then faint.
You watch too much TV.
It could work.
Where do you get the fire?
We borrow.
- What's that sound? - Do they want something to eat?
- Go see. - Me?
We're going out for a little walk.
Tell them that there are only noodles to eat.
Don't talk too much.
And don't let them fool you.
We're going first.
Have a good time.
Alright, you've been working hard.
Excuse me. Can I have a cigarette?
Aren't you a student?
I'm bored to death here, oppa.
Just one cigarette.
I don't have any.
Wait a minute.
Did you swallow it?
Why did you swallow it?
Let's try again.
Don't swallow it this time. Hold it in your mouth, got it?
Why don't you do it?
Did you just swallow it again?
Here... don't swallow it this time.
I also have a sister, and cigarettes aren't good for your health.
Eat this if you're bored.
Mr. Jang?
Eun Byul.
There's a smokestack.
This is the right address.
Are they in there?
How do we find out?
Let's just ask.
Use your head, buddy.
Then what?
You're not hungry?
That alcohol turned into poison.
Mr. Jang, wake up.
Eun Byul.
Eun Byul.
I'm here.
Eun Byul!
Oh man.
I'll recite an awesome poem.
Don't be too moved.
If you are, you won't be able to handle this.
What are you talking about?
Before I called Eun Byul's name...
You were nothing but a single gesture.
When I called your name...
You came to me and became a silver star.
Like how I called you Eun Byul.
What will you call yourself, you who have a name that suits my ear so well?
You're Eun Byul. I am Sam.
Me to you. You to me. I'd like to be an unforgettable gesture.
Eun Byul.
What do you think? Isn't it awesome?
It's Kim Chunchu's "Flower."
You know that poem?
My mom really liked it.
Oh, really?
Over here! Stop!
Did you order a pizza?
I like your hat.
Who is it?
Pizza delivery.
I didn't order a pizza.
Is this wing C, building 23?
That's right, but I didn't order a pizza.
Man, who's been pranking calling again?
What now?
Excuse me.
If I return this, I'll get in trouble. Want it for half the price?
How much is it? I don't really like pizza.
I was going to give it to you for 5 bucks.
Just give me 5 bucks.
I got it open.
There should be 4 valves in the engine.
Take out all the spark plugs.
If you want to make sure they can't drive, throw the spark plugs away.
Or you can eat them.
If we don't come out in the next 15 minutes, then call the police.
Eun Byul.
Eun Byul.
Mr. Jang?
What happened?
What happenned to you? What's with Mr. Jang?
It's a long story. I'll tell you later.
Mr. Jang, wake up.
Moo Shin.
Mr. Jang, get up.
Untie him.
Mr. Jang, Moo Shin and Sakang are here. Snap out of it. Hurry.
Let's get out of here.
Why aren't they coming out?
Hey, no one's here!
I think the new guy went to the bathroom.
Those idiots.
Hey, are you sure she's here?
We made sure that she couldn't move.
- I don't trust you guys. - Why don't you believe us?
Well, well.
The numbers are growing.
This girl must be popular.
I'll distract them. You get out of here.
What about you?
Moo Shin.
Moo Shin.
Mr. Jang, where are you going?
Mr. Jang!
Go faster!
I can't go any faster.
I said go faster!
Mr. Jang, are you okay?
Oh, no. He's hurt. Why did you do that?
Mr. Jang, wake up. Mr. Jang.
Come here, kiddo.
- Come on. - Let go!
What are you doing? Let go!
Get off me!
- Sakang! - Get up.
Get up!
Let go.
Let go, you idiot.
You piece of...
Let go.
You're pulling my pants down.
Let go, bastard!
Now who is it?
It's not like some kind of meeting.
What do you think you're doing?
Don't come any closer.
If you take one more step, it's over!
Mr. Jang!
Mr. Jang! Mr. Jang!
Mr. Jang!
Eun Byul.
Mr. Jang!
Thank you...
Thank you!
No to what?
Thank you for your hard work.
I'll meet Chairman Jo first thing in the morning and tear up the contract.
if one hair on my daughter's head is out of place,
you will die, Jang Seo Dong.
Hey, Seo Dong.
I've had a change of heart.
We should go.
After Mr. Jang gets to a hospital.
We should go.
Eun Byul, go ahead.
Mr. Jang.
She won't be coming back to the house.
Mr. Kim.
If you can't protect her, you shouldn't even be near her.
Isn't being near her protecting her?
I'm not in the mood for playing with words.
How dare you do that to my teacher? What did he ever do wrong?
If you continue to act this way,
your father gave me orders to see to your teacher.
What did you say?
And I will follow those orders.
We should go.
Go on.
We need to keep this a secret at school. Alright?
Is it about Eun Byul?
I trust you guys.
I'll explain everything later.
Mr. Jang, why are you always with Eun Byul when something happens?
That's not actually true.
We should be going.
Sorry, I'm leaving you behind.
I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay?
Just who is Eun Byul?
And who are these people?
I see some crap. Let's go.
You guys are all in this together.
Are you orphans in some gang together?
Isn't that a bit much?
It's been a while, Moo Shin.
Nice to not be the attacker this time.
But Moo Shin, why are all your girlfriends like this?
One's a gangster's daughter,
and the other's a prostitute.
Moo Shin!
- How we've grown, Moo Shin. - I said to apologize!
Don't, Moo Shin!
Don't do it. Let it go.
Don't let it go.
Your dad's an alcoholic criminal.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Moo Shin!
I'm bringing her home.
Don't worry.
Yes, I understand.
Chairman, your daughter's here.
It must have been so hard.
I don't know what to say.
I'm going to get some rest.
What are you looking at?
Are the goldfish talking?
The fish aren't doing anything, but the wind is saying something.
What is the wind saying?
Mr. Jang, what happened to you?
I'm sorry. I felt down and...
You don't need to apologize to me. Nothing's wrong, right?
Are the teachers taking after their students now?
There's something really wrong with Homeroom 8.
Miss Shin.
Did you get home alright?
I was up all night, worried about you.
I couldn't reach you.
Something happened, didn't it?
You're cut.
It's nothing big.
It looks like it is.
Does it have to do with Eun Byul?
Is it alright if I explain it to you later?
It's always later.
It's always later with you.
When is it ever going to be now?
This is all that I can do for you.
You should go to the hospital to check.
I can't be responsible if there's anything wrong.
Thank you.
From the looks of your wound, something big happened, right?
I know it's not my place to get involve,
but I think it's best if you tell So Yi what happened.
So Yi...
You said So Yi.
You must be close.
It took me a while to address her by her name.
It was difficult for me, yet you said it so easily.
If you truly care for her, why didn't you treat her nicely?
Love has its limitations.
It will die if you don't take good care of it.
I know that I'm not a perfect man,
but I don't want to hear this from a third person.
Basically, you're saying that I'm the third wheel.
Am I truly the third wheel?
How much longer do you think So Yi can patiently wait for you?
So Yi is human too.
She, too, will get tired.
Mr. Jang.
The principal is looking for you.
He got out because he's still a minor,
but I think it'll be hard to settle.
He was also charged with obstruction of justice.
He said there'd be no settlement.
Have you heard from Eun Byul?
I think she has connections.
Could we ask her to help out?
I mean, this is all because of her.
Moo Shin.
Are you alright?
Still in pain?
What about you?
Of course we're okay.
Did Eun Byul come?
Is that what you came to find out?
You said you'd take responsibility, right?
You said he wouldn't get into trouble before graduation.
You put your job on the line.
So what are you going to do about this?
There is no pardon for assaulting a police officer.
Do you think I'll let this go because he's a minor?
I can throw him in jail.
I have no choice but to transfer him.
Transfer him, sir?
Isn't that the same as letting him go?
If we let things slide this many times, he should've learned his lesson.
You just can't change the core of a person.
I assure you.
No matter how much you let kids like him get away with things,
the end result is always the same.
Look at his eyes.
I also misunderstood this boy at the beginning of the year.
But circumstances caused me to pay attention to him.
And I think, contrary to what you see, he's not one to harm those around him.
Sure, he should be punished for any wrongdoings.
But using preconceptions to cut a child down is hugely wrong on our part as adults.
Fixing things that can be fixed. Isn't that this school's purpose?
do not try to degrade my desire to raise him properly.
I implore you.
One last time.
Mr. Jang.
Why did he do that?
Mr. Jang's pretty dumb.
What is it?
Chae Moo Shin crossed the 38th parallel.
Things would've been so much smoother if we had just expelled him.
Mr. Jang.
Stop it.
You've done enough.
Stop it.
Mr. Jang, please stop!
I mean it!
I'll leave.
That's all I need to do?
I'll quit school.
Who says you can leave?
If you're quitting, pay me back first.
Tell me something. Why do I have to stay at this school?
I will give up my position as promised.