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S: Tan.
T: Sorry? S: Our honeymoon. Honeymoon?
Are you alright? T: Yes. Sorry, yes. Honeymoon! Vegas sounds fantastic.
C: Mind you, there might not be a honeymoon unless we can find Amira. Get this one divorced.
T: Right, well, brainstorm time.
You two can be the fairies, I'll be the godmother, let's work out a way of you living happily ever after, shall we?
Well I thought all you had to do was, like, say, "I divorce you," three times or something.
S: Yeah, well that's the Muslim part of it but it has to be done legally like everyone else.
C: Syed's asked around the community and nobody knows anything.
More likely they do know, and they just don't want him to find her.
T: Private detective, that's what you need. They'll track her down.
C: Can't afford one, darling. Chances are they'll take the money and still not find her.
T: Could put an ad in the paper, or, like, put a picture up saying, 'Have you seen this woman?'
S: Tan! She's not a lost dog.
C: Do you know what, I don't even know why we're bothering.
I bet we'll find her and she still won't give you a divorce, just out of spite. S: Amira's not spiteful. C: She's not anything.
S: Something is up, innit?
T: No.
I had a row with my mum on Friday and I chucked her out.
I just wish she'd come to collect her stuff and disappear. S: Hey, you don't mean that.
T: I do. I've got enough on my plate without her breathing down my neck. S: Why, what's up?
T: Nothing. Just... family stuff. You know, juggling too many balls.
C: How do you fancy a spot of bigamy?
Mind you, it might not be bigamy to marry a man when you're already married to a woman. S: Oh yeah, that'll go down well.
Me in the dock trying to explain that one to the judge while my mum screams from the gallery for me to be publicly flogged.
C: I've got another idea. S: Well, go for it.
C: She'll have a doctor, won't she? Medical records. You could always ask Yusef.
S: I am not involving him. C: He'd know how to find her doctor.
S: And then what? We wait outside the surgery on the off-chance?
I want to find Amira as much as you do, but forget it. I'm not asking for Yusef's help. And neither are you, okay?
C: Alright.
S: Hey. C: Hey! You alright?
S: I've been thinking. C: I warned you about that before.
S: There might be a way to find Amira.
C: Yeah?
S: I could do something I don't wanna do.
C: Like what?
S: Talk to her dad? C: Forget it.
S: I could go to his office. C: No, Sy, the last time we had anything to do with him he turns up with his heavies to kill you!
S: Yeah, but that was in the heat of things. C: The heat of things?
Well it was the heat of things that left me with broken ribs.
You think some time's passed, he's gonna be happy to see you? S: I'm prepared to take that risk.
I want to get married, Christian. I want to be free of Amira.
C: Come here.
S: Sorry my life's so complicated. C: Hey.
I just don't want you putting yourself at risk.
Now, we will find Amira without having to go anywhere near her psycho dad.
S: Alright.