Markeloff Summer Secrets - Episode 1, part 1 (with eng subtitles)

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Home. Episode 1.
Hello my dear friends.
We are in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.
The river divides the city into two banks -
the left one and the right one.
This entrance is very notable. The best CS player
of all times grew up here.
We're gonna give him a visit.
Btw here he comes!
Good afternoon!
Get out of here!
It's not for dogs!
Come on, go away!
It's resident evil and goodness.
It's Yegor Markeloff's room.
It's quite large.
Turn on the light.
And it's light
Integral part of his life is beer.
No, it's actually tea.
Come on. Give us an excursion!
Where are your awards?
- The biggest of my sights is this balloon.
It has been hanging here since February, 12th.
I was a gift on my birthday and it grew alive
till today. It’s a miracle.
It's a commode huddled with unneeded stuff.
Here's a photo collection.
- Butt cream.
- I burned in the sun recently so I had to use it.
It's me with my brother
And that's all.
Just an ordinary stuff.
It's you in miniature.
Yes, actually
Two awards for the best AWP player from Arbalet Cup.
This one is from...Moscow.
For the best AWP player as well. From TechLabs
Here are all of my medals.
- All?
- All of them.
Extreme Masters, WCG gold, some WCG-2009.
- Some?
- Yep. Lots of golden Arbalet Cup medals.
- Awesome.
- There is the very first Extreme Masters one from Hannover 2010.
Here's computer and its integral part is a TV-set.
I'll show you how I usually...
- Yes! Show us how a man-legend usually...
- Well, it's not a game.
It's a site where I watch HD movies.
I choose any citcom and do it like this.
- WoW!
- That's how I watch HD clips and films.
- You amazed me. It's a miracle!
- The same is with social networks.
I turn on the music
my speakers don't work,
so the sound comes from the TV-set.
- Cool!
- When we hang out at my place...
- Does it happen often?
- Yes.
- Here are cold apricots
- Thank you granny.
- Wow!
- Thank you very much!
- My granny is the best.
- Btw I was lucky to get acquainted with Yegor's mom
just as I arrived to Dnepropetrovsk.
It was so touching.
She's such a cutie.
- Yep, my folks are awesome.
So when we hang out
we switch some loud music or backing track
and sing karaoke.
- Awesome.
- I also like to put the pillows near the wall
and watch football with my friends. While football
my balcony serves as a smoke room
the table is full of beer bottles.
That's the way we relax.
- Tell us about your devices.
- I think everybody knows my devices.
Everything is from SteelSeries,
everything is standard.
Everything is here.
The one thing which is not mine,
is computer. My one has broken down
So I'm looking forward to have it repaired.
As soon as I get it, I start streaming
as I've promised.
This computer is too weak for streaming.
In general everything is standard.
I use regular Kana mouse,
our branded mousepad.
- Ok, move on.
Show us the place where you eat.
- I actually eat here.
And sometimes I do it like this
when I watch serials
I sit here and eat.
- Amazing!
- Here's our place for kickback
It's nothing special.
An ordinary balcony.
It's quite dirty,
but heartwarming.
Here's counter-strike ash tray.
This view looks into the yard of my childhood.
- Hill of glory.
Do you remember your first street fight?
- It was not like a fight. Everything happened
right near that tree.
I was 5 years old.
Our neighbor started
attacking my elder brother
who was 9 years old back then.
I was little and naive.
I didn't understand what I was doing.
I had an instinct to defend my brother.
I came to ask
what the hell he was going to hit
my brother. I was small so I
jumped up and hit him into the nose.
He started crying and went away.
- Amazing.
Is everyone afraid of you since that time?
- I wouldn't say so.
- Are you an argumentative type?
- Not at all. I prefer solving problems with words.
I've been living here since childhood. From the cradle.
Everything is known and so native here.
I like this appartment. It's awesome here.
- Would you like to move to another city?
- I don't need it right now. I do what I do
and I like it here.
If I search the job, I'll think of another city.
It's not a problem for me
I can move either to Europe or America
with no regrets.
However I never forget about my relatives.
Every time I go to the championships...
It was not like this before...
When I just started playing for Na`Vi,
everything seemed new to me.
I understood the difference half a year ago.
new countries, new people.
Everything is different now.
The first thing I do now
is kiss Ukrainian ground
when I land here.
However our country is not the best -let's face it -
it's still my native country.
I like Ukraine, but I'm not the patriot.
- It's awesome. You've been to so many countries,
but Ukraine is still your favorite.
- Absolutely.
- Tell us about your last trip to DreamHack.
Why did you take the 2nd place.
What went wrong?
- As a matter of fact
we practiced quite a lot.
It was our first experience of
practicing via the internet
before the tournament.
We didn't gather to play on LAN.
It was a mini-experiment.
It turned to be quite successful.
When we previously played together
we had lots of quarrels, like
we play and someone starts:
“You are an asshole. What did you do?"
and bang - one of us is offline.
The one who was told to be an asshole
turned off his computer and our practice
was over. And we could do nothing
as we were in different cities.
Sometimes we had such situations
when we arranged to have practice
in 10 min.
In twenty min still not all of us were online.
It's called irresponsibleness.
Surprisingly everything went good
before DreamHack.
We played well and tried out different tactics.
Everything was fine.
During the championship itself
we beaten 3 Russian teams
to get to the finals.
I wouldn't say it was smith supernatural.
fnatic, SK and ESC were stronger.
We didn't face them.
There was such a curious moment
before the last group-stage game
it was a deciding moment - whether we qualified
from the 1st place or from the 2nd.
We lost the game and everyone started to
blame us. They thought we failed against fnatic
to have the next game with weaker competitor
They were weaker than Poles who
qualified with the 2nd place.
Everybody told it was not fair.
As a matter of fact we wanted to beat fnatic
but we couldn't. We wanted to play with Poles
not Virtus.Pro as we played with Poles
many times online
and we had 4 maps out of 7
which we could 100% win.
It was dust_2, inferno, tuscan and some other map.
I don't actually remember.
Mirage maybe.
So it was a priority for us to
play vs Poles.
Community didn't think so.
I wanted to tell it was not true that
we lost intentionally.
Then we won the game,
we qualified
and past though Virtus.Pro with some problems
I must admit.
We had fnatic in the finals.
They were the best team that time.
They had the best shape.
We had to win the 1st map dust_2 to overcome them
but many things went wrong...
a pair of mistakes made the game.
We could win the moment in the situation 2 vs 4
we were in the defense.
There was a miscommunication
the round was awful and lost it.
If we would have taken it, fnatic had had an eco
we could have made draw and win the map theoretically.
The next map was our choice and
we won it without hesitations.
The third map was mirage.
They always played this map better
then we did and they were in a better shape.
We played this map but we never discussed any tactics.
We lacked a few practice days to discuss the map
so we lost it.
- You play together for a long time.
Why do such mistakes happen?
- Maybe there are mistakes
as we play together for a long time.
It's individual stuff.
Someone understands that we have to search
compromises, while the other one doesn't.
We have to understand that it's our work.
No emotions, it's just a job.
Some people don't understand it.
- Can you tell his name?
- What for? It’s not the only person. We all do it.
- How long ago did you face this problem?
- From the very beginning. We are now the same people
as we were before.
We had a pressure in the beginning - from
Arbalet's side. We had responsibilities
and we had to commit them as our cooperation
could have been finished any moment.
As for now we don't have such pressure,
so many of us
including me
allow ourselves to behave too freely.
- Why is it so?
- You became bored...
- A bit. I don't know. Before this champ I practiced
with a great pleasure. I really enjoyed it.
A month before the champ I thought
- I'd better go to the pub.
- I'd better go to the pub. I mean pub like in DOTA.
I'd better go play public. Pub, DOTA, parties.
Well, I practiced much before this
tournament. It was enough for me.
We are in good shape now. I hope we fly to GameGune
and the practice begins in a few days.