Pilsner - The Beer Guy at Northstar - I Know Jax Craft Beer

Uploaded by IKnowJAX on 16.07.2012

Today we're in the Northstar Substation checking out some beer with the beer guy Marc Wisdom.
I'm the beer guy! What kind of beers are we going to drink today? We're going to look
at pilsner today. And pilasters are? Lawnmower beer! You have just finished cutting the lawn
and want something cool, refreshing, crisp. Something to pick you up and quench that thirst
you just worked up in the backyard because the wife sent you out to cut the grass. Why
do they always do that? And it's hot out there. But we have beer, speaking of beer. Beer break!
That's pretty taste. Beer is good! There are basically three kinds of pilsner. There is
Czech, German and Continental. The Czech pilsner is urquell. It's a very common beer. Sounds
like a difficult thing to say. Have to practice with it a bit. It's a Czech style. They have
a maltiness and a strong, but not overpowering bitterness, to them. Then we have the German
pilasters. When people think of pilsner they think of Germany. They put a lot of malt in,
but not nearly as much as the Czech. Backed off on the malt, but amped up on the hops.
Then there's the continental style. Stella is a continental style pilsner. Didn't know
that. They are balanced, not hoppy nor malty, right in the middle. There's a lot of character
there. Lot of freaks on the continent. You're one! That gives you the ability to go with
a lot of different kinds of food. It's a good beer for BBQ with burgers, steaks etc. The
best thing is right out of the cooler, pour it in a glass. Glass is better every time.
Cooling off in the shade with a nice pilsner. Enjoying it and the nice warm weather outside.
It's nice cold, but not too cold. Exactly. Lot of people say ice, ice, ice cold. They
have seen the commercials! There's a reason why the big guys want you to have super ice
cold beer. I say Ice Cold is to cold for beer, you loose the flavor. When the beer is to
cold, it kills the taste buds. The big boys want you to drink their beer cold. This is
not one of the big boys beers. A cool beer on a hot afternoon could be a pilsner. It's
a perfect choice, crips, refreshing and not overly sweet. It's going to take care of that
thirst you built up. Man, do I get thirsty. Let's wrap it up. Pilsner is good on a hot
day if served cold. We'll see you guys next time, with the beer guy. See you next time.