This Week @Minnesota: Energy and U, World Languages Day and Chris Sacca

Uploaded by UniversityofMinn on 20.05.2011

Welcome to This Week @Minnesota.
It's called Energy and You and the idea is to bring kids
from about third grade up to twelfth grade, bring them here
to the U and then get them really excited
about science and technology.
We get a lot of notes back from third graders saying
that they had a great time,
but that they also learned the first law of thermodynamics,
which teaching a third grader the first law
of thermodynamics is pretty basic.
[explosion] [cheering] The U of M's College
of Liberal Arts played host
to its eight annual World Languages Day Tuesday,
inviting thousands of Minnesota high schoolers to campus
for the opportunity to take courses about
or in twenty-two different languages.
They had options like Deutschland-Idol, Latin music
and food and origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.
Entrepreneur Chris Saka, an accomplished venture investor
and one of Twitter's first backers addressed grads
from the U's Carlson School of Management on Monday.
"So now that you've been reset, you're in the here and now,
you're on offense and you're proud of who you are it's time
to take it one step further.
The most important piece of advice I can give you
to the path of happiness is not just be yourself
but be your weird self.
It takes too much energy to be anything but your weird self.
We've spend too much time in our lives trying to live
up to the expectations of others.
We buy things that we don't really want with money
that we don't really have
to impress people we don't really care about.
Forget that, forget what other people think.
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