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Hey guys, I have some super super exciting news for you!
This episode of Geek Beat TV is brought to you by Netflix!
As you know, we have been shooting Geek Beat and Web Beat and all of our other properties
and corporate projects in a tiny 10x10 room in a house. Well, We've been working on this
for a while and now I can say we've expanded! So here is the new Livid Lobster HQ!
Ah! You’re gonna have to wait to see it. Or you can go on
to see the pictures. But... yeah! And, no this is NOT an April Fool’s joke! But Pelpina
over at WebBeat.TV has a post with some fun geeky gifts that might be fun for today - check
it out at Now, I’m going to move on with the news
today, but please don’t make fun of me if I say something that turns out to be a joke...
Anthony Carboni from Revision3’s show, SGNL, gives us a sneak peak at Sony’s new physical
store front in Los Angeles. Now...I have to take a moment here. I had this whole story
planned about how it’s interesting to watch Sony move in the direction of Apple in terms
of building out physical stores, but then... as our Editor in Chief, Dave Peterson and
I were researching this story, I found out that this isn’t a first for Sony at all.
They have lots of physical stores. Did you know that? I didn’t! I’ve never seen a
physical Sony store. They have one here in Dallas, but it’s in the Galleria, and I
never go there, because well, I just can’t afford it. So, while this isn’t a brand
new concept for them, they ARE making quite the impression. And I can Apple here - it
does in fact have an Apple like zen feel, but there’s so much more to it. It’s a
very modular layout, with the ability to change things up quickly and easily, and they give
you a chance to play with all their offerings. Anyway...I was geeking out watching SGNL,
and wanted to share.
We talk a lot about The Cloud - the ability to access information that is stored solely
on servers somewhere “up there”, rather than being stored on the hard drive in your
computer right in front of you. The cloud is more freeing - you can grab files anywhere,
anytime. Google is all into the idea. I recently showed you the Chrome notebook which is all
cloud based - it doesn’t have an operating system or file management system. Google and
HP have been working together to increase the usability of Google Cloud Print. They
announced that all the HP ePrint-enabled printers are now Cloud Print ready. No drivers. No
software. No cables. Just choose to print, and print already! Something to take advantage
of, or if you don’t have the right printer yet, something to keep an eye on.
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A student at the University of Surrey has done something that can blow Kinect out of
the water!
This has major implications! Granted some of those implications are a bit on the scary
side. But at a basic level, let’s take the mouse and let our computing systems track
our motions. There have been lots of attempts at this already, but this is better tracking
than I’ve seen before. I’m looking forward to seeing what this guy does next. See the
entire video at
As we begin moving into the new studio, we’ll be sharing lots of video and pictures. We’ll
be building out several sets and even building a cyclorama at some point. The best way to
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- Thanks for watching, and for spreading the word! I’m Cali Lewis. Bye!