Ep.39 Tarou's Weekly WoW Report 2/21/11 - Cata News, Patch 4.1, AH Tip, Blizzard News, & more!

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What's up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. This is Ryutarou AkA Tarou bringing
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In this Tarou Weekly WoW Report, I'll cover ingame news, Cataclsym PvE, Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixes,
Auction House chaos, an Auction House tip, as well as a Q&A session so let's get started.
In Cataclysm news, the 'Love is in the Air' event ends today and I hope everyone enjoyed
it, got all the items & achieves they wanted, as well as the mount.
Also in Cata news, some more hotfixes have come out that should fix most of what was
broken with Patch 4.0.6. Only time will tell though and I'd expect a few more hotfixes
before they're all done and focusing on Patch 4.1.
Speaking of Patch 4.1, it's not for awhile but one sneak peak we got on the forums a
few days ago was NPC equalization will be happening to ensure each capital city has
the same tradeskill trainers and supply resources. Of course no plans to add any portals anywhere
so Org and Stormwind will continue to be the main hubs.
Also in Cata news, more and more players are starting to reach exalted with their guild
and be rewarded quite nice for it with the ability to purchase the Dark Pheonix mount.
It's an awesome mount grats to everyone who has theirs.
Ok, now on to Auction House Chaos. Prices continue to be stable minus a spike upward
in Obsidium Ore, Elementium Ore, and Volatile Life. Some price spikes downward include Volatile
Air, Water, Fire, Hypnotic Dust, and Flasks. Flasks are pretty interesting as their price
has crumbled over the last week. As long as herb prices stay where they're at, flasks
should return upward soon and settle to something reasonable.
Alright, moving on to this week's Auction House tip. If you see the price of an item
is way cheaper than normal and you want to list that item, don't undercut it. Buy it
out and reset the price to normal. Some people may have just leveled thier profession and
looking to dump the goods fast.
In Blizzard news, diablofans.com got an exclusive look at the new Demon Hunter for Diablo 3
and I have to say it looks pretty badass. Diablo 3 hasn't really been in the news lately
as a lot of people are occupied with Cataclysm but D3 is coming and hopefully we'll see it
at the end of this year. Who knows though with Blizzard.
Also in Blizzard news, if you've been following all the stories being posted on WoW's site
you would've seen the latest installment "Gallywix: Trade Secrets of a Trade Prince". This almost
hits home with my gold endeavors. If you've never read any of the stories you should check
them out. Pretty interesting stuff and not a lot to read.
Lastly in Blizzard news, the security team has a nice article update giving some sound
info on how to protect your account. You definitely want to get an Authenticator, keep your comp
clean, and never give away your login info no matter how scary that spoof email sounds
about your account getting banned. The emails are getting better and better but are still
full of misspellings and bogus looking BS. Just delete the email or forward it to Blizzard.
Finally, I'd like to end this Tarou Weekly WoW Report answering a few questions you guys
and girls have asked me over the last week.
Q1. What raid is being released in Patch 4.1?
A1. A bit early to be talking about this but Firelands Raid should be included in the 4.1
Patch. It was talked a little about at Blizzcon last year.
Q2. What features do you plan to add to your website?
A2. I have a few in mind but what would all of you like to see improved, changed, or added?
Q3. When are class/spec guides going to be on your website?
A3. Now that Patch 4.0.6 is out and most of the hotfixes look to be finished, I'll start
posting different ones up this week and next. Let me know in the comments what class/spec
you'd like to see first. Thumbs up someone's so I can see it easier as well.
Before I wrap this week's report up, just want to let everyone know I released my 1-525
Mining video a few days ago and plan to get Herbalism out this week along with some routes
for both. Still working on my server choosing video but expect it out next week.
Lastly, this week's YouTube channel that I'd like to mention comes from Yumfries. He makes
comedic videos about all kinds of things in World of Warcraft and recently has been taking
real movies and putting them into WoW context. It's pretty funny so check out his channel.
That's it for this week of Tarou's Weekly WoW Report and I hope you liked it.
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