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Every Woman has a story; A story of love, despair, struggle, betrayal and triumph. You've
got one, so do I. I'll share mine with you first, starting at the beginning. Ashley Feral
was born on a warm September 4th day to the union of David and Marie Feral. Life in Michigan
as a child was wonderful, an experience I'll never forget. This place is truly beautiful.
Yes, I went through my share of bullying. I was the uncool kid with schoolbooks and
braces as part of her daily attire. But, somehow, I made it through and many years later would
receive my Master's degree in Education. And, I thoroughly enjoyed my life as a public educator.
However, our educational system seemed to deteriorate right in front of my eyes. So,
I made the choice; I decided to fight for our kids from within our government. After
two years as a Legislator in the state capitol, I felt a calling to seek Michigan's
governorship. And with the support of the loves of my life; My husband Arnold, who's
a theater professor and our nine year old son Shannon, I did just that.
I am closely protected by state troopers Marsha Daniels and Drake Den, who is also one of
my closest friends. I invite you to come and experience the rebirth of Michigan. And, meet
some of the best people you will ever know. Welcome to our Great Lake State.