Google+: 富士山フォトウォーク 新しい仲間と、冒険しよう。

Uploaded by googlejapan on 06.09.2012

So, my name is Holger,
and I went to Mt. Fuji last year.
I thought it would be a good idea to go as a group.
So I put up a bunch of pictures of Mt. Fuji,
along with some comments.
Many people wrote they were interested.
We talked, and eventually got a group together.
The ease of it all surprised me.
The weather was great.
By the time we met up, everyone was pumped.
Time to climb!
Hey, a goat.
You're surrounded by clouds you'd normally only see from a plane.
At sunset, Mt. Fuji's shadow was visible.
This let me get a bunch of great shots.
Morning. You're up early.
The splendid red hues
combined with the silence was simply stunning.
I'm so glad I could see dawn break from up here.
Got some great pictures. I'm satisfied.
The climb was tough.
But the smiles and team effort kept us all pushing onward.
We're here!
We made it. We really made it.
Yeah, we did.
When I look at everyone's pictures I feel really good inside.
You know, like we're all connected.
I want to climb together again.
Share an adventure with new friends.
That's a plus.