The Foot Fist Way (3/10) Movie CLIP - Ju-jitsu Sucks (2006) HD

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Whether you're interested in self-defense,
Staying in shape, or a fun activity for the entire family,
Taekwondo america is just what you're looking for.
And that's who trained me.
And if you so choose, I could train you as well.
I could teach you about strength that lies deep within.
I could teach you how to unlock power,
I could teach you discipline, confidence, self-respect.
Yeah, well, I just moved to the area,
And I was looking for some sort of workout.
You know, just to stay in shape.
Taekwondo's terrific for keeping in shape,
But it's also a deadly serious killing system.
I mean, it's probably the best of all martial arts.
I hear jujitsu is really good for balance.
Jujitsu sucks.
What you want is taekwondo.
It's got everything, mental, physical...
That's good, because when I was in school abroad, I really got into yoga,
And that's a lot of breathing techniques and meditation...
Meditation's terrific and all, but never heard of it saving anyone
From a gang rape-type situation.
Meditate on that. Rape.
I pride myself on really being able to read people and
Understand what's going through their minds.
And right now, I'm thinking that you're at about 90%.
I'd like to show you something
That will take care of that last 10.
What is it?
Just a trophy that I won.
A little simple token proving that I'm the champion of all north america.
Wow, the north american champion?
Yeah, that's right. 1991 las vegas invitational open sparring competition.
Four days of pain and courage, but I emerged victorious, of course.
Back there in the office, I was beginning to wonder if this was
Some type of a joke.
Why don't you ask the guy who came in second place?