Kpop Music Mondays - Lee Hi "1,2,3,4"

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This week's Music Monday's awkwardness will be
with Lee Hi's 1,2,3,4
Now like I mentioned it on Kpop Charts past weekend
I wasn't sure but was pretty sure that I was Lee Hi's former teacher
I did more research during the weekend
and now I'm 100% sure
She used to be my student
It's official
In the video here, she says about the school i used to teach in 2 years ago
and the footage shows a lot students I remember teaching in the same class that I remember
So yes, she was my former student
If you are here to hear awkward stories about her,
I'm gonna save that at the end of Music Monday
For now, I've gotta do the review of the song and the video
but I'm gonna feel very awkward saying bad about her
HI, Lee Hi,
I didn't teach you before so I don't feel the awkward love of my husband does
Prepare for on lame jokes
and awkward skits based on tiny irrelevant observations
But first, let me clearly and unbiasedly say
that this is a great song
We keep it real here in eatyourkimchi
and won't let our personal connections
not really connected at all
Get in the way busting the truth
The fact is, Lee Hi is undeniably awesome at singing
with freakingly phenomenal voice
and fantastic vocal range
And YG debuted her with a song that
they unlikely regularly produce
and unlike anything in kpop
It's very soulful and has a Amy Whinehouse feel to it
minus all that substance abuse
Our only problem with the video is that there is
inverse relationship happening here
Lee Hi is great at singing as she is bad at acting
like wow,
and I don't wanna be harsh on her
because we know that this is her first music video
and she's still quite young,
I think she's around 16
and she'll get better over time and learn to relax in her music videos
In fact, we've seen her live performance, and it was so much better
But whoever YG sent as her acting coach for the music video
needs to be replaced
In fact, we didn't think she needed to act in her music video
Her voice is amazing enough that they could have debuted her as a singer
Singing into a mic looking classic and sassy
while back up dancers are like flaring at the background
That whole like walking and expressing emotions while moving her lips and singing thing
didn't work out too well
She barely opens her mouth when she moves her lips when she sings
Wait, why is that so familiar?
OK, I have a theory about this
We've notice that couple of people in YG
such as TOP and Park Bom and now Lee Hi
don't really moves their mouth in music videos
This is a distinctly YG thing
My guess why
YG label has learned to notice the symptoms of Flaccid Jaw Syndrom
that horrible disease that we documented extensively in our 4minute "Volume Up" video
YG interns are doing their best to protect catching this disease by
Sounds like an incredible theory to me
or they are just good at ventriloquism
I'm really proud of you Lee Hi
You did a great job on you music video
Wow, really?
Thank you TOP, !
I couldn't have done it with your guidance
I really saw my training has shawn through in your actings
were very profound
Really? wow!
Any recommendations?
Is there anything to improve?
If anything I found that you are
what was I saying?
Oh yeah, did I tell you about my new colon
Be On Top
made by men
for men
Well, not for getting men
but if you want to get men, then it's ok
I'm ok if you are ok with that
Is also for picking up women
Hey, YG!
We've talked about this in 2NE1 video
Whoever edits your music videos
I really think you need to fire them
because the dubbing is always irritatingly and distractingly off
The dubbing is not any of the artist's fault know... we love you
but if you could just fix that
That would be super!
[The English]
As for the English of the song
I unbiasedly give Lee Hi
the highest mark that anyone has received in Music Monday
9423 out of 5
Because I used to teach her English
and as a result the score is more of a reflection of my abilities as a teacher
than at the actual rating of the English of the song
One thing I would say about the English tough,
good lord!!
Did you see the sign on the side of the back of the beginning of the video?
It reads,
'If you don't mean what you say'
'Shut the F$%**#$ Up'
Let the record show,
I personally never taught Lee Hi,
that kind of language in English in class
Good morning class
And that boys and girls, that is how you say good morning in Polish!
[The showdown]
Last week's showdown, we asked you which video
was womanly powerful messaged you preferred
Miss A's "I don't need a man"
or 4minutes' "What a girl want"
and oh boy, did Miss A won something like 95% of the votes
For this week's showdown we ask you
Who is the best actor in YG?
Lee Hi in "1,2,3,4"
or Park Bom in "Don't Cry"
Both lacking the boom in their Boomshakalaka
Leave your emotionless votes in the emotionless comment
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Take it away
I forgot to tell you the super awkward story of Lee HI in class
Oh boy, this one is a real doozy
Ok, one day in class, Lee Hi stands up to speak up in front of everyone