TEDxReset 2011 - Dilara Erbay - Courrage..? What if we didin't dare taste lie?

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Hello. My name is Dilara Bugdayci. Code name, Dilara Erbay.
I am into food. That's how I express myself, that's what gets me excited and
what's teaching me. Through food, I want to excite people,
I want to shake people, otherwise things would be a little boring.
What Erdil does, I do with food. It is a reverse expressive method.
I am a very lucky child. I make fun of the teachings that come from the family,
from the society, from the teachers so on. What I do is I take
what life gives me with gratitude. Every now and then I am given miracles
every day. Looking at other people I see a lot of problems. They are distressed.
What I can do, is maybe I can help them through food to show them that
life can be more fun. All the great concerns, the anxieties that everybody
is immersed in. I try to be different. I want to shake them up.
Now, we are lucky that people at TED found cocoa for me. I ordered some cocoa
from them and they found raw cocoa. I believe you are mostly familiar
with the finished cocoa that you find on the shelf of the markets.
It is actually not something like that. It is a fruit from the tropical forests.
It is almost like a melon. When it is not ripe, it is more greenish.
In it, you find some grains just like the cocoa or coffee seeds.
Don't you just throw it in your mouth as if you are having peanuts.
I just want you to taste it. You can just try it, try to bite it,
I assure you it is very strong. Take very small bites as if you are biting an
artichoke, maybe you can take some grapes to go with them,
to sweeten the mouth. People who tried this, they said 'Oh this is very strong,
what is this', but as it is, the Amazons, they were courageous to try the
cocoa plant, they dared to eat it, and the invention of chocolate...
So what does it come to? They were brave, daring to try cocoa.
Chocolate was invented. They didn't associate it with love or romance
but when they ate it, they suddenly felt alert and energetic. With the magnesium,
irons and minerals in it, they felt alive, at the tip of their nose,
maybe at the tip of their heart.
You are lucky that maybe trying these you may invent love. Just next to you,
just around you. Maybe it was there all the time. The courage takes to love.
When I am talking about love, I don't mean a next boyfriend or girlfriend.
I am talking about the heart. The heart faculties... Morals, religion, families,
society, all the stuff going in our mind, is the reason of whatever problems
we are having but if we could replace all of that with our heart, if we could
live through the heart, with the heart, or taste with the heart,
maybe we will be saved. The topic is daring to taste life.
If we were brave enough to taste life, personally I was wondering...
I was invited here because I strike people as someone who enjoys life.
Or I strike people as a person who makes you taste crazy stuff.
I think a bit of both... Daring to taste life is about not paying much attention
to all the anxiety and welcoming anything that comes by
and just stillness. Waiting to see whatever is coming in your way.
Without rushing to conclusions. You can see whatever is going to come your way.
Well as a personal example, everybody says, I am very brave, I am bold,
I am courageous, but it is not a big deal. It is about acceptance,
it is about surrender. Everything that is perceived by others as problems,
I take as games. Just similar to the movie, Life is Beautiful by
Roberto Benigni, you can even be in a concentration camp but take it still
lightly like it was a game.
So I was trying to get to Galapagos islands. It was a national park.
You had to pay for admittance. You had to pay for the flight and everything but
I still wanted to go. I was able to embark on a cargo ship from Ecuador and
I met a family of a captain who was a local and with the family, children...
I cooked for them for 5 days in the Pacific for 5 days, I had the experience
of my life. Indeed many people would find the idea an undesirable one.
5 days in a cargo ship out in the open cold sea. Everywhere blue, the sky,
the sea. It may strike many of you as a problem. So maybe turning an adventure,
even an undesired one into a meditation requires just a bit of courage.
Since I am into food, I have a similar standing in food. I do similar things
while I am cooking, this is how I usually am. In Paris, I had an
exhibition last year. You might be confused saying: What the hell
kind of an exhibition is that, by a cook? I tried to express my position
using food. I said go global, eat local.
Globalization is of course a fact but why should I lose what is local?
Why would I have to abandon anything that is indigenous? You can just act up
and give this message. What I did was, I took goat cheese, turned it into
sculpture, an edible sculpture and personally speaking it was a very good
cheese lesson to the French. I kind of said, this is how you make cheese.
This was my animal. I also had bagels cooked...
sorry I wanted to go very fast like a movie. Everything is possible,
it is not from Sarkozy, it means anything is possible in life.
This was not kind of a political standing. It was kind of fun to do that.
It gets you to meet so many different people. People living in the suburbs,
unemployed people would like to have jobs. For example migrant people who are
looking for jobs will learn so much from one another.
It was a very very good exchange.
Can you do it from where you sit? I want to go very fast...
Can you stop it now? Ok... You see my animal.
Well in expressing our thoughts, we can still have fun and still share niceties
and facts with us opening our hearts, cooking and eating together and
for the most part, enjoying it. I am talking about tastes or flavors,
I am having difficulty in expressing what I have in me because words are
not enough. Many of the cases to explain... Just like Dr. Quantum
explained, we are talking about light. We are talking about light,
making its way into your brain. We are not anymore talking about
how it tastes or is it good or bad... This is a matter of weather.
It strikes a light in your brain or takes light into your brain.
Suddenly you are shaken by it. Very sincere meeting with light is combined
flavor with life. We are talking about flavors. We are not only about food.
We are only talking about life and tasting life in the form of food helps
us open our hearts making it wide open. It is not very much from the topic.
If I want to add something to complete the message here. When I am talking
about food I can also remember the word, Blessing, it is a blessing from God,
the sincerity, or gratitude, food also holds these concepts and words.
I want to explain it to you with a short movie. Gratitude for the food and saying
to bored people hey folks, wake up, maybe something will happen, maybe life
is not that boring, to make them reminded of the music and of the life.
I am going to show you a short clip.