How to Play Disc Golf : The X-Step & the Right Backhand Throw in Disc Golf

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2007

Thanks for joining me on Expert Village. Now let us talk about the actual steps for a right
back hand throw. The primary step is called the X-step, as you are looking toward the
basket, the X-step very simply means that you are getting your body in position, so
you use your entire body to throw not just your arms. With the X-step, you are getting
your body in position for that good strong throw. So you take a step, your left leg goes
behind, throw. Let's do that one more time: you step left leg behind, throw. The saying is that a good strong throw starts
at your toes and ends at your fingers because your entire body should be part of the throw,
so toes twist, hips twist, shoulders twist, and release: a total body throw. Let us see
that in sequence, I am going to throw two discs, right back hand throw, here we go,
watch the X-step on this. Here is the X, right there, pull, throw. One more time, here we
go, very simple, there, X, throw. And that is the X-step.