Hair Transplant Mind blowing results

Uploaded by hairtransplantusa on 06.07.2012

Every hair transplant clinic will say they are the best, call themselves innovators,
leaders, say that their technique is better…yada yada yada.
That’s marketing. Patients want results, not buzzwords, jargon, and promises with little
supportive evidence of the claims being made.
You won’t see videos of our patients filmed in exotic locations, posing by a hot car with
a bikini clad babe on each arm. Watch our videos and
you see results: consistently excellent, natural results that speak much louder than any slick
marketing statement. 5 to 10 times as many results as a typical clinic.
Did I mention we get great results? I think you get the picture.
Hasson & Wong are true innovators, creators of the Lateral Slit Technique and Custom Blade
Cutter for graft site creation, both ensuring naturalness.
Hasson & Wong have redefined hair transplant surgery, raising the bar for naturalness,
density, and the number of grafts that can be transplanted in a single surgery.
Our patients come from all over the world for a truly world-class hair transplant
Don’t take my word for it. Let our results guide you. If you can find another clinic
with more consistently excellent results in their before and after gallery, achieved on
a regular basis, then you should choose that clinic, or, you
should choose Hasson & Wong.
Promises, claims, scare tactics, and persuasion, are not results. They are marketing. The truth
about the quality of a clinic’s work can be found in their before and after galleries.
This is where fact is seperated from fiction.
So, you can let yourself be persuaded by boastful claims about this and that technique, you
can let yourself be convinced by jargon and promises, or you can come to Hasson & Wong
and get results.
Hmmm. Promises. Results. Promises. Results. You decide.
Proof is in the Results. Get here. Get hair.