How to Make Almond and Chocolate Cookies : Baking Triple Chocolate Cookies

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.10.2008

If you are a chocolate addicted like myself then this next cookie is absolutely for you
I call it chocolate therapy because it taste a lot better and it is cheaper then going
to shrink. And I think that works better to so it is a triple chocolate cookie and it
is really soft a lot of people love it cause they think it taste like a brownie in a cookie.
It is kind of crispy on the outside, dark chocolate and chewy and it is wonderful and
I kept getting request from people that I want a really dark chocolate cookie cause
that is what my company is about I create custom cookies for people. So I tried all
these different cookies one had two much chocolate, one was to dry and I always like to work with
the recipe that I have and it took me about a year to perfect this recipe and I'm going
to share it with you so they is a huge deal. This is a big time secret and this is hands
down the most perfect the best chocolate cookie you would every have. So girls next time you
just need some chocolate and guys when you are just like are dying and what chocolate
this is the way to go. Absolutely they are chewy, they are wonderful, and we are going
to make chocolate therapy.