Lost in Translation (7/10) Movie CLIP - Bob and Charlotte Meet (2003) HD

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What can I get you?
Um, I'm not sure.
For relaxing times, make it...
[ Bartender, Bob ] Suntory time.
Um, I'll have a vodka tonic.
[ Laughs ] Thanks.
So, what are you doing here?
Uh, a couple of things.
Taking a break from my wife, forgetting my son's birthday,
and, uh, getting paid $2 million...
to endorse a whiskey...
when I could be doing a play somewhere.
But the good news is, the whiskey works.
What are you doing?
Um, my husband's a photographer,
so he's here working and, uh,
I wasn't doing anything, so I came along.
And we have some friends that live here. How long have you been married?
Oh, thank you.
Mmm. Two years.
Twenty-five long ones.
You're probably just having a midlife crisis.
Did you buy a Porsche yet?
You know, I was thinking about buying a Porsche.
Twenty-five years.
That's a-- Well, it's impressive.
Well, you figure you sleep one-third of your life.
That knocks off eight years of marriage right there.
So you're down to 1 6 and change.
You're just a teenager at marriage.
You can drive it, but there's still the occasional accident.
Yeah. [ Laughs ]
What do you do?
I'm not sure yet, actually.
I just graduated last spring.
What did you study?
Yeah, there's a good buck in that racket. [ Laughs ] Yeah.
Well, so far it's pro bono.
Well, I'm sure you'll figure out the angles. Yeah.
I hope your Porsche works out.
Cheers to that, huh? Cheers to that.
Wish I could sleep.
Me too.