Gerrits Tagebuch Vol. 24: Ausschmückung, Tarnung & Terminals

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Finished, I'd say.
We've been decorating all day for two weeks now.
It'll take one or two more weeks, everything needs to be hooked up.
And with that I welcome you to Gerrit's Diary.
Decoration is the big topic for this episode.
We have to make sure that the cars won't collide with anything.
This here is quite a pleasing result.
All in all, there are 2.000 to 3.000 little details that need to be compatible.
But it wouldn't be any fun if it were that easy.
It's like a huge puzzle to piece together.
Airplanes of different sizes have to be able to pass through everything.
Same goes for the vehicles and long tankers.
But it should neither look overloaded nor empty.
And no matter if the plane is present, it should always look right. That's not easy.
It took almost two years to build all these little details.
Jens played a substantial part in this and he has excellent knowledge of airports.
That's why he's doing most of the work, together with Sönke.
But we also need people under the layout who have to watch out
because holes are drilled from above because most things are illuminated.
Yesterday a bus cable was severed and we don't want that to happen too often.
So we can't fly right now, we hope to fix that this afternoon.
We are working with up to five people simultanously
and hope to be finished in two weeks.
It seems so simple to just glue things on to something.
But there has to be a logical order.
Various airplanes differ in the position of their luggage doors.
Or the passenger stairway goes somewhere else.
So a compromise is required that fits visually to the plane.
It's not enough that it just looks good when the plane comes in.
The set up could seem absurd if it doesn't fit to the type of airplane.
If we like a certain set up, but some type of plane wouldn't blend in,
we can take it out of the software, so let's say a Convair wouldn't go there.
So I guess we'll find a good compromise in the end.
This work is just so much fun, because there's something new to see each day
and it's a joy to see that it's all coming together.
It took Christian a lot of time and effort to make the housing of the cover round.
Angular is easy, you once said, and what you did here is a masterpiece.
All these curves, and it also has to be easy to dismantle.
I'm not a carpenter, but I absolutely admire this great design.
Let's move on from the construction to the cover -
but before we do that, Christian would like to say "Hi" to his mom.
That we've come so far with the wooden construction is a good sign
for the technical aspect of the cover because it really is ready now.
We only need to decide what to put into the window.
I've mentioned that we tested paper and cloth.
We did a test last week with a single piece of cloth that looked quite good.
But we still have two months to decide which option to choose.
Hello Judith! -Hi!
I haven't been here often enough in recent times.
What you've been doing here in the last two years is amazing.
I'm always busy with the technical side, programming during the night.
But I'm always fascinated when I come here.
In this box alone - there must be a thousand hours of work or more.
Because for this terminal everything has to built from scratch.
And what you've done here is amazing and hasn't been appreciated enough.
Not only in Gerrit's Diary but also in the daily routine
because I test and program all day and just drop by too seldom.
So let me say thank you, you're incredible.
And here the first completely finished parts can be seen.
Here's the baggage conveyor belt for Terminal 2.
And that's a good transition to the general topic: Terminals.
It may seem unremarkable but it's a great step for us.
Sven is done manufacturing all the parts of the terminal
and they only need to be glued together.
That will take one or two months because
every area has to be decorated and lighted.
Visually, it's one of the most interesting sections for me
to see the three terminals develop and to see them on the layout later.
That's it for this episode.
Thank you for the great number of views on Youtube
and I'm looking forward to next time. Bye!