Splinter Cell Blacklist - Ghost Play Through [UK]

Uploaded by ubisoft on 31.08.2012

Hey what's going on? I'm Zack Cooper your Splinter Cell Community Developer and this is what
we're calling the Ghost Play Through
So what we're going to do right now is show you a few things that you didn't
see in the Blacklist demoes from E3 or GamesCom.
Just so we get some of the formalities out of the way everything you are witnessing
here is in a pre-alpha state Some of the AI mechanics are really early
the non-lethal animations haven't been added to this build and that's something else
that we should mention. The demo you've seen is exactly that a demonstration, designed
to show off some key elements like as Killing in Motion and support from the newly formed
4th Echelon team. We're going to avoid those elements and show
you some alternate pathways, and a bunch of other cool things but we'll get there in
a bit OK, this guy's obviously busy washing his
hands let's not get in the way of good hygiene. Let's go around.
So from what we can SEE we've got 3 enemies over there by the truck at least one further
back and then there's the hand-washer to our right
Let's try to go at this from a different angle
As we wait for an opportunity to move Take a look at Sam Fisher and the sweet job the
animation team at Ubisoft Toronto has done. Sam's always aware of his surroundings.
Look at that! A cliff This cliff side will provide a great way to
get around the bend, and avoid all of those bad guys
In fact let's take a look and see exactly WHAT we missed
We found another cliff side and with it, the opportunity for some more sneakiness
But you watch the original demo in that top-right corner while we get into position for our next move
THAT was Killing in Motion
and we're not going to do it.
Let's try and do this quietly.
not if we don't let it.
back to the sneaky sneaky
We appear to be in good shape
Let's see the damage report
So in the ORIGINAL demo we took out 7 guys using an abduction takedown in the tent
before we went on a killing in motion tear - which ended with that bad ass Mozambique
drill. In this Ghost Play Through, on the other hand
we left them all standing. It's your choice do as you wish. You've
heard us talking about variety of gameplay. It's most definitely in there. We'll get
to share more in our coming communications. In the interim, let's see what's brewing
on the other side of this cliff I hope you're not afraid of heights.
So as you can see, or as you may know
dogs are back and they can be pretty tough to deal with.
Let's try to get by, without having to take them out.
so far so good but let's use our goggles to make sure we're in the clear
The dog seems to have found something else In the original demo we went to our right
so let's stick to the left.
Uh.. ok Let's just make sure we don't get detected by the dog
He's heading toward where we just came from
meaning it's time to move, or the dog could track our scent and alert the guards
So just like in the original demo, the truck has been targeted. Whether you want to use
the assistance from Grim is obviously up to you. Let's not, this time around.
One thing I can show you due to our pacing this time around is moving bodies.
Non-lethal animations weren't yet added to the build which is why we had to kill that
guy Let's make sure the coast is clear before
we hide the evidence
Ahhh that was close. Let's get this guy outside
here should do and because they're doing patrols let's go ahead and close this door to cover our tracks
So instead of going into a firefight perhaps using some *cough* blind fire lets, once
again, find another way around You may not have seen it at first but a
little exploration goes a long way That's the truck there and by this point
that FIRE FOR EFFECT window for Kinect or your controller will be long gone, even
if the truck remains Onwards and upwards we've still got to
get to Jadid's hideout
Now that we're on the roof and in a pretty safe spot let's look at the casualties once again.
In the original demo, 12 enemies were killed while two got zapped by the sticky shocker
in the water. In the Ghost Play Through we killed one
bad guy, simply for the sake of showing you moving and more importantly hiding bodies
there wasn't any of that at E3 or GamesCom. The original demo, we showed off the airstrike
This time around we decided to let Grim sweat it out
Like a lot of the other things you've seen here These goggles are still a work in progress
it's still being tweaked but you at least get to see how the pulses work. For now.
Let's rappel down and say hello, shall we?
We hope you enjoyed this alternate take on the demo you've already seen Let us know your thoughts: Facebook.com/SplinterCell
@SplinterCell on Twitter also, the forums forums.ubi.com