Atwood Machine, Program App for TI 89 Titanium

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 20.10.2012

Atwood machine, two masses hanging from a frictionless pulley,
one on each side of the pulley, and finding acceleration
To get to my menu You have to press second alpha on the Titanium
to enter letters in the home screen, and then you enter the letters p h y s i c s
press alpha again to enter the closed parenthesis Press ENTER and you’re into my menu
You choose by either pressing the number two or scrolling down to it.
And you press one to go to acceleration again
choose two to go to Atwood machine
For the Atwood Machine Physics Problem, ya know, pulleys with mass
Enter mass one by pressing alpha first
Enter mass two by pressing alpha again, let’s say nine
Then press enter
write this step by step answer on your test paper or homework to complete the problem
You always write the formula first, which I show you here
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