Home Sweet House - Part 1 (2009)

Uploaded by Zen5656 on 05.07.2009

Everywhere else that you go eveybody is like
good.. you are from Chicago man, house music must be so awesome there
You know what? They are right, it is!
You can find any style of house here, from deep to soulful.
You can hit Lake Shore Drive and just play that and have a system beatin... man ??????
I like to call Chicago the bedroom house capital of the world
For every big name DJ there is 50 DJs
who probably don't play out and whip the pants off with all these touring Djs.
You know I'm finally certain to understand what big deal this city was.
It's so big, it is where it all started.
It was given birth to in this city.
Yeah it came from Chicago!
Chicago here, this is where it started.
I have seen this start.
This is Chicago, period. It is just Chicago.
Well the whole world of house came
from Frankie Knuckles comin over
and starting parties at a place called the warehouse
The DJs that were playing in the warehouse in Chicago
were basically like cuttin tape to creat their own disco loops..
..and so people began to ask people
what is the music you play at the warehouse over there
and they would say, well, it is house music, it is music from the warehouse.
There were a lot of people across the world making new music
but it was too polished
it sounded too clean.
Here in Chicago we decided to make it really raw
It became like the ??? that was unlike anybody else.
If it has that tempo, that 4/4 kick - BUM BUM BUM BUM
You know it is house orientated.
It's just powerful and it's just raw
and that is the way music should be.
Gramaphone was carrying underground house at a time
?????? it was almost like over night, everybody just wanted house music.
I mean kids come from all over the world to go shop at this place.
It's the #1 record store in the world
Man I could spent all hours of the day and night
just sifting through the records at Gramaphone
Obviously Chicago is rich in house producers
who press records in short quantities
that go to Gramaphone only, and the stores in Chicago
and they never even go anywhere else.
You can come to Chicago and buy records
that you can't find anywhere else in the world.
In a lot of neighborhoods in Chicago
we have a barber's shop where
the neighborhood people always go
get their hair cut. They can talk about
Sally down the blog and she is messin with a couple of other guys
that's what Gramaphone is.
You know there were all kinds of shops.
At one time there was DJ international (?) and right now
Gramaphone is one of the last.
The business is changing around us.
So you have to get in and find a way
to jump on new mediums
You have to get away from the analog
and go digital.
You have to start doing mp3s for your mixes
..like everything in the world:
cheaper, better, faster, smaller, quicker
you know, it's just the way things go.
You can get a tune without even leaving your house.
Put it on a CD in a minute and you are ready for your gig with the new tunes.
The vinyl thing, they are holding on like the rest of us is holding on
but it sees the end of the day.
Smart Bar has always been the raw bar.
Back in 1983, when I first went into Smart Bar,
it was a didgy, dark and dirty cave
The feet would stick to the ground everywhere you walk
because people were so drunk and so messed up
After a few shots he went breakdancing on that horrible floor but it was fun.
You know Smart Bar been going on forever
in the city on the north side
You know right now it is the last strong ??? for underground dance music
Smart Bar is definitely an underground club
and that is why I love it.
I love that it's about to me what real Chicago house is and always has been.
There is loft parties that we went to growing up
that were totally legal
They are now an illegal spot
cause you know how many times can you really get kicked
out a spot by the police
They don't got to be all dressy and have a suit. ???
It's about the music and having a good laugh.
Being right with your friends and having a drink. It's all good.
Some cities, they want to hear songs they already know
they are not as open to tracks they may never heart.
and Chicago isn't like that.
If you are playing fidget house in a crowd that
is not ready for it. You gonna totally clear the floor.
That's the bottom line.
You really punching the audience in the face.
Smart Bar is really what is pushing underground house music right now.
It is what's left.
That is our last bunker for ultimate destruction at the end of the day
Ghetto house is that bastard child of house music.
These guys are from the hood and
it is not like people from the hood all bad and
don't know how to deal with the public
It is just that we kept our music in the hood
and when you are scared to come to the hood
then come on down, you know