Paintings Stolen by Nazis, Returned to Poland

Uploaded by wwwICEgov on 07.10.2011

This painting was stolen by the Nazis from a Polish museum during World War Two.
Today, after seven decades of travel through the black market,
it's back in Poland, where it rightfully belongs. 
Depicting a foxhunt through a wintry forest,
it's called "Off to the Hunt," by Julian Falat,
who was one of Poland's foremost landscape painters. 
Here's another one he created, that made the same journey, called "The Hunt."
The two oil paintings were returned at a ceremony in New York,
where the President of Poland himself took possession. 
They were discovered when an auction house put them up for sale.
ICE and the U.S. attorney were notified,
and they were located and retrieved by special agents
from ICE's Homeland Security Investigations.