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Hey what's up cachorros
how are you? i hope you are all doing well, right now I don't have my camera
I couldn't find it I am recording with a cell phone
and then i got it on VHS
Ah just kidding!
I am here Where Luisito records
with my almost friend Christian
so we have a new and different video
that's how I wanted to start my vlog
I just wanted to do it like that
I hang out with him at school
so now, let's see what happened with our reporter over at Justin Bieber's concert
we are here in what seems to be Justin Bieber's concert
here at the Zocalo they told me he is a street singer so...
I think all the people gathered here are waiting to see Justin Bieber
are you liking Justin Bieber?
excuse me?
are you liking Justin Bieber?
what is your favorite song?
mmm... I think... Baby
that is the only popular song from him right?
why are you yelling Justin?
because I love Justin Bieber
ok... well this is a show for animal planet
but its ok, now we know how humans behave
we can see how they are dancing to the God of rain
they want it to star raining
and that is how this female is doing a mating ritual
to reproduce with some male today
do the mating scream
important people come to Justin Bieber's concerts
and we are here with Beatriz Paredes
it's good that you came to support Justin Bieber
oh well yes, i brought my daughter
oh well Beatriz Paredes' daughter, important people at the concert right?
as we can tell in the picture he is Jocelito
because they couldn't find a picture of Justin
why did you leave her alone right?
it is shared
strong confessions, what do you think about what your mother just said?
i didn't hear her
she said you are adopted
do you want to come out on tv or not?
well you won't come out on tv because this is for the internet
-Are you here for Justin Bieber? -yes I am a big fan!
well he already cancelled so don't even run!
ahhh! I didn't have my 15 aƱos because i came here
I didn't have a 15 party to come see him!
your tooth fell
he has a clitoris with I still love him
he is gay
we have people from San Salvador Atenco here to see Justin Bieber
just how in 1D's concert there was people dressed as carrots.pumpkins and chickens
here this little girl dressed up as a duck, justin must like to eat ducks right?
she is still waiting for a male to come mate with her
we are here from Tamaulipas Justin, here is your son!
why did they mark your face like that, as if you were a cow?
because I love Justin Bieber
did you pay to get that done?
he came out!
ahh just kidding Im playing!
this lady got to the concert being single, now she has 3 kids right?
for waiting so long for Justin Bieber
that is how it happened
I sddhduhudhd I love them! but...
but... ah.. what was I going to say? oh yeah.. but...
Justin Bieber is my idol and I don't care if they say he is gay, or an idiot, i love him
because... ohh come on! Selena Gomez, let's not offend her
I don't like her, but I don't insult her
but... he should come out already right?
ahh how does the cheer go?
so that it Margarito's daughter sending her message
fans of Juanito supporting Justin Bieber
so apparently they are glued together
they can't unglue themselves and that is a ritual to come and see Justin Bieber
they finally came apart, and their mom doesn't know they are here
their parents don't know they are here?
maybe they are not using condoms
two days later and she is still dancing
this seems to be a dancing competition right?
how much longer do you plan to be dancing?
until this is over
until they burn the place down?
that's it thank you!
no! say something else!
ohh no, I am really excited!
because for the first time I am going to see Justin Bieber
how long have you been here?
like 2 hours
ohh and something you want to tell to all the people that are on their way here?
to come here soon!
didn't you want to say something to the fans?
ahh yes for them to come soon! stop stop!
something you want Justin to know?
that I love him
well, that is your message, he will probably never see it, but it will be on the internet now!
thank you!
so, that guy is Justin Bieber right?
-no, it's not Justin Bieber... -Is it Justin's grandpa?
no, I come to promote this guy!
I just come to promote Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
since it is Andres Manuel you should show the picture backwards right?
backwards, backwards, I am not here to see Justin Bieber!
did you see that? let's hope this 5 year olds vote for Justin, I mean Andres Manuel
what does the little tiger think of Justin Bieber?
he is cute, not gay, just cute!
can you please sing that song that made you so famous in youtube?
mmmm... what song?
they made out for two hours here?
and then he was all like humping her
how did he do it?
no, I am embarrassed now!
ahh come on, do it!
how were they mating?
the girl would go like...AHHHH!
and the guy was like .. AHHH!
are you a fan of Justin Bieber?
you are not a fan of Justin Bieber?
are you a fan of "el maromero paes"?
so there is a very weird costume believers wear now a days!
it shows repression
and also showing their love for hitler right? so that is it
they are going to touch everyone, because that is what beliebers do before the concerts
the just touch everybody
thank you beliebers
we have more fans of Justin Bieber
are you a fan of Justin or are you here to go to the church over there?
no, super belieber please ...
people that come to complain about catholics
from pino suarez
-her? -yes her!
she dehydrated
because it is too hot right maam? why don't they make the concerts in Poland
of coarse
and you are a fan of Justin?
yes I do like him
and also Peter Pan right?
yes that too!
ah just kidding!
maam are you a fan of Justin Bieber?
............... yes! ah!
yes, but more than anything I am here to take care of my daughter
you were trying to keep an eye on her? is that what happened?
yes, what can i do?
she truly kept the eye
people that work at the subway station are supporting Justin
even the subway workers support him!
something you want to say to Justin Bieber
you are the best Justin
yes we love you! we love you! keep on singing! wooo!
wasn't there a girl like you on the other side?
the oompa loompa kids are reproducing everywhere!
she keeps dancing, to hopefully mate!
mating ritual?
I am a fan of Justin Bieber
since when?
since his career started
in the streets?
he used to sing on the streets right?
he is the example of how far sex with producers can take you
and now we can see the aerobics classes we have thanks to the government of Mexico city
we are here with the teacher, what class are we going to have today?
am... I don't know?
all of them are your daughters?
all of them, and this is my mom!
you should have less sex, look at all this girls!
wait a sec, I just got a call
Justin Just cancelled
what? that is not possible!
yes he did!
haha just kidding! I don't even have minutes!
here is where they sell the crazy water!
everybody is drinking the crazy water, because it is going to be a crazy night right?
because I know him because he is... kslahfdhfdfhdiuh
I want to ask you something that justin couldn't answer, what are the 5 continents?
Justin is awesome, he invents new continents!
you are justifying Justin's ignorance
Justin I love you dude!!!
crazy little girls
you do know the continents right? not like Justin Bieber
you do know them?
well, maybe better than him :)
tell us, so that Justin sees that mexican people are smart
oh well Justin those are the fans you deserve, for not knowing anything
(the happiest man alive) why are you here are you a fan?
no, I just want to watch and then leave
are you here for the girls?
to see little girls?
no, just to see the logistics of this event
ahh, i think you are here for the girls!
you just want to touch them!
I am here with my wife
oh its your wife?
you are weak, and your wife made you come right?
no, not at all
you are in the wrong concert!
I thought I was coming to see Michael, but its just a little deformed kid
he is a little kid, if Michael saw him, he would probably rape him too
whatever we ask you, your answer is?
what is your dad's name?
who do you want to be president?
who do you think will become a child molester?
something you want justin to know?
that i love him a lot!
oh well... i don't think he will see this
we are here with the official photographer of Justin, you took this right?
so , that was baby bop singing, I think that girl only likes Barney
why don't you sell sausage instead?
it would sell less
they don't let you introduce sausage right? especially little girls
no, not even that
I am your #1 fan!
I can already picture Justin touching himself looking at this video
I like to support my daughter with things she likes
there is nothing like supporting your kids, specially watching over them
of coarse , even with only one eye right?
it doesn't matter, thank you maam!
-in soccer stadiums? -everywhere!
and do you do the designs?
all of them!
oh well there he is! that guy from that one movie
just drawing random stuff on peoples chicks
if you are such big fans why aren't you all the way up front?
because we are drinking!
you are drinking? how bad! the drunk girls of today!
-what does it say? -Justin love me do!
so, it means, Justin love us!
so that comes from the verb, I don't know english right?
we ran intro danny boss, again, and this time here at the Justin Bieber concert, hi Danny!
such a big fan of Justin, but as soon as it started raining you just ran!
-you are from werevertumorro! -of coarse not! -yes I saw you in the past!
since when have you been a fan of Justin?
i think it all started 1 year ago
since you were like, 4 feet tall right?
I want to say hi to my mom that is watching!
I am a fan of ACDC but my daughter of Justin Bieber
i just threw her over there, and then Ill just come pick her up later
and that is why you dress like the guy from ACDC right?
yes man!
to support rock in this pop concert?
I don't want them to think I am a fan of Justin
it is good that you support your daughter
we are here for anything you need
sir you can go now...
but go to the dentist man!
Why did you kick him out scorpion? why!? nah! I like Gabo better!
I am from Argentina and I support the golden scorpion in his political campaign, scorpion! scorpion! scorpion!
the proposal to have hookers for all, are just fair, lets vote for the scorpion July the first !
egg sandwiches and beer in a plastic bag for all!, golden scorpion should be the president!
if you want your tweet to come out in the next video use: #justinobieberw2m
look at how sexy I am!
that is it, for todays video
I hope that you had fun, and that you liked it
I am a metroflog guy and that's why I record in the bathroom
i closed the door
we will see you in Tlaxcala on june 29th
In Cuautla also in Acapulco
the tickets are for sale now if you are interested
and ill see you take care, share the video
it was a good video i know
i send you a big hug, have a good weekend, have a good day, bye!