Hungama (2003) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 12

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Is there someone hiding here?
"Yes, he's the one"
Who is it?
"You? - Yes, me"
Why have you come here? - Where have you been hiding?
I went mad looking for you! You even gave the hotelier a fake name
I went crazy banging on every door!
I'm the one who has gone mad
You said your employer would go back in a week
"He's not willing to budge, so what do I do? Die here?"
It's got to be very dangerous. If i had to stayed there another minute...
I'd have been crushed between 'the garbage sir' and my employer
Never mind. There's no point staying holed up here
I need to decide something. - The garbage King has already decided
The marriage is not taking place. He's out to kill you
If the marriage does not take place before that...
"He'll beat me to pulp, right? Never mind that"
Here's what you'll do. I'll give you a letter
Quietly go and give it to Madhuri. No one must get to know
Write the letter by all means. And also give me 200 rupees
I'll immediately take the letter to Madhuri...
and no one will get to know!
Swine! What did you think?
You'd promise marriage and play with my daughter's honour?
You must've betrayed a lot of girls. But you can't fool me!
Forgive me! - Open the door...
"else, I'll break it down! I'll break every bone in your body..."
string it in a garland and put it around your arrogant father's neck!
Open the door!
Son of a bitch! What do you think?
You'll hide here and I won't be able to find you?
I can look at a fly and tell you whether it's male or female!
Open the door! - "Chhota Chetan's" thugs!
I don't want to marry her. Leave me alone!
"I'm here for your funeral, not your wedding procession!"
I don't want to marry her! I'll go far away from her!
Shut up! You won't get the girl even in your dreams!
"I'm going to kill you! come on out, you swine!"
Break the door
Make mincemeat out of him and lay him at my feet!
Beat him!
You play a drama with me? get up!
Who's this?
You said that scoundrel was hiding in there!
That scoundrel told me. - Shut up!
Leave this clown alone. And find that son of a bitch..
come on
Hit me! Beat me! Don't let me live anymore!
Am i the temple bell that anyone can come and ring it...??
When is the railway strike ending?
I'm glad you came soon. Whom do you wish to see?
"I'll do it for you, but the documents of my house and 50,000 rupees..."
you must quietly bring and give it to me
"Sure, I'll do that. - I haven't seen... the party"
can I see him once? - You'll find him at Welcome Lodge
"lf I ask for Nandu at Welcome Lodge, will they tell me?"
"No, he's going to stay there under an assumed name"
I've asked him to pretend madness. That's how you will recognise him
"Welcome Lodge? All right, I'll go to Welcome Lodge and meet your punter"
I'll tell him that you've sent me
"I'll get him out of there and have him at the train, the very next day"
I'll be there! Nandu and I will run away from there!
Tell me, is there someone here that has his screw loose..??
Is there a madman here?
Ask the boss. - Don't you act funny with me
I'm warning you! I know it for a fact...
that a madman has run away from the asylum and is hiding here!
"A madman...? So say that clearly, sir!"
That madman is surely hiding here! - Who?
This one's sure a nut. - A policeman!
Officer! get me out of here! I'm stuck in a very bad situation.
They're coming to take you away. - I'll leave on my own
How can you go away just like that? - What will you do about it?
You can't go away. Everyone knows your screw is loose... you're mad
"Officer, they're all involves. I'll tell you about them"
Hands off me. - I'll explain
"They want to prove that I'm mad, take me away from here..."
so "Chhota Chetan" can kill me! - See?
I told you he's mad! He talks any nonsense
get out.. move it! - He gets into fights!
So he's one of them too!
Why have you shut the door? Why?
come here! - What for?
I've got to tell you something. - No thanks. Let me go
"You needn't worry, feller. I'm lnspector Waghmare"
The other party has sent me here. - The other party?
The other party will arrive exactly at 10 to take you away
We got together and made the plan to deliver you there
Are you one with them? - Yes
Oh God! Now I know why the police are scared of "Chhota Chetan"!
Damn it!
I can't figure out how such an atom bomb fell in love with you!
"Not she, I was the one who "fell" "Ever since I was a child"
Since you were a child? - I never imagined...
this would happen to me! I'm leaving!
I'm going!
People will really think you're mad. - I'm not mad!
get him!
Hold tight!
Listen! "Tomorrow morning, I will come to take him away"
His expenses...
you will paid. - Will I get some tips first?
"Sure, if he runs away, you'll get a tight slap"
What are you telling me...? Anil has gone mad?
He doesn't step out of the room. He's the only man...
who's living under an assumed name. - It must be Anil then
"He wrote to me that he's hiding here. - "That girl has betrayed me", he says"
"He misunderstands you and says, Kill me! Kill me!"
"Maybe he's scared of your papa. Right now, he's been hidden somewhere"
"Tomorrow morning, they are taking him to the asylum"
"Madhuri, why are you crying?"
He's in this state only because of me!
I've been wanting to tell you something for a long time
go ahead
"I'm not a singer, like you think. I come from a rich family"
There was no dearth of riches and comforts in my house
But my parents were against my music
"They wanted me to take over the family business, and I didn't want to"
I began to feel suffocated there and I ran away from home
Why're you telling me all that? - The drama we're both enacting...
could we really...?
They're here to take him away. Did he cause problems last night?
"He did, I banged the hammer on his head and..."
Is he dead? - No. Plastic cups don't break easily
I got to hammer his head again and take him away
I'll play the music for him. It's days since I beat up someone
I'm mad! I'm a lunatic!
Don't have to do so much over-acting... Don't have to become too mad...!
He's begun to speak! He's not dumb!