Bronze Tango - Progressive Link- Open Promenade Dance Lesson

Uploaded by aanw97 on 06.01.2008

Step 3: from the link and close promenade
we dance a different step called the “link and open promenade”.
We’ll show this to you. The walk and the link;
slow, slow, quick, quick, the open promenade,
slow, quick, quick, slow. I’m going to end with a rock step
to here.
Now, man’s step from the promenade
position I have slow left foot, quick across right foot,
quick left foot side and slightly forward,
and last step right foot place in front of left foot.
The knees and thighs are tucked together,
this is the final position. I do my rock without moving or
turning the body and then I have my left turn to end here.
The lady’s step, she danced two walks and the
progressive link to end there. She has side right foot,
left foot across, she’s going to turn and step
right foot side and slightly back. Then she’s going to back left
behind right foot, knees and thighs tight together
and she has weight in between the feet so that
she doesn’t fall backwards. Now she does the rock step;
rock, rock, rock, and the forward turn and closing to the left.
In this step when we dance this together you will see that the man
is not closing and not stepping between the lady’s feet,
but stepping outside. We dance rock step in this position,
finish with turn, ends up back in close position.
We are just going to take a moment to show you the difference
in the man’s lead between the close promenade and the open
promenade because they start off the same way.
The man is going directly to the side leading the lady to close.
In the open promenade, the man will start to move forward
making sure the lady feels that so the lady moves backward
and continue in that direction to take that last step.
So it’s a matter of direction change that allows the lady to know which
one you’re doing. We dance this group,
the open promenade, with the music.