Project Re: Brief - Introduction

Uploaded by projectrebrief on 09.03.2012

[guitar music plays]
>>male #1: The way technology is used today, you've got
hand held devices. You've got screens. You've got three screens. People can communicate.
They can share and search.
>> male #2: And there are way too many ads on every single page.
Too much focus on technology, and not enough on people.
>> female #1: Users are telling us what they're interested in,
and where they want to go.
>>male #1: The first display ad basically said "Find out more, click here."
And in the fifteen years that followed, that's basically the only innovation we saw.
>> male #3: If you can think it, you can build it. If you have time to make it,
you have time to make it wonderful.
>> male #1: To come up with great display advertising, you need to first come up with
just great advertising.
[Music intensifies]
[Sound of tablets hitting water]
>> Ralph: I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
>> wife: You ate it, Ralph.
[car engine revving over music]
>> male #4: Trying harder is still the best way to do business.
[Music intensifies]
[Car engine revving]
>> male #5: You can drive a Volvo like you hate it.
>> singers: I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company. It's the real thing.
[Music intensifies, piano plays]
>>Amil Gargano: Technology had left me pretty much in the past.
>>Paula Green: I’m not sure that it can be done.
>>Bob Pasqualina: Howie believes we're geniuses, I believe we're idiots, and we're both right.
[Howie Cohen laughs]
>>Harvey Gabor: My own impetus is a little bit of insecurity. Can you do it, champ?
>>male #6: How do we tailor that for a banner?
>>Amil: That's your job [laughter]
>>Harvey Gabor: From my generation, that's absolutely science fiction.
[Howie Cohen, Bob Pasqualina and Harvey Gabor laughing]
>>Paula Green: I don't think we estimated the power of this.
[Bright piano and guitar music]