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Uploaded by SyntaxTranscription on 28.10.2009

We will type a transcript of your video. Spoken content in YouTube or Google videos is difficult
for search engines to find. The hearing impaired are unable to take advantage of your videos
without text.
Posting a transcript with your video allows spoken words to be indexed and helps increase
the chances your content is found by search engines. Also, the hearing impaired, anyone
without audio capability, or English as a Second Langauge users will be provided with
the written word, which will be found as a caption or subtitle.
How Does It Work? We will type a transcript of all spoken words in your video and send
you the transcript in a Text document file within 24-48 hours. Listen to Matt Cutts of
Google and review the transcript we typed of his interview.
Send us a message through YouTube and attach the video you want transcribed. Or, email
us at and tell us the video URL such as the one we just watched
from Matt Cutts of Google:
Price Advantage....Pricing is at $1.50 US dollars per audio minute. So, a 30 minute
audio will cost $45 US dollars to transcribe. * (min $5 per video). Matt mentioned 2 cents
a word but on average our pricing is closer to 0.5 to 1 cent per word !
Be Found ..... We will return your transcript within 24-48 hours to the email you specify.
Once you receive the transcript in .txt format - log in and click "edit" on your video. Choose
the "Captions and Subtitles" tab, select “Add New Captions or Transcript”, then browse
and select our .txt file and make sure you click the button called “Transcript file”.
You will notice your text is not a caption per se, but very closely matches the audio
on the track, even with time stamps, because of Google’s speech recognition engine. Adding
this track will create a very professional looking video plus be accessible to a wider
audience and your information can now be indexed and found faster by search engines.
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