Partisan Wedding פּאַרטיזאַנער חתונה

Uploaded by ikhveysnit on 17.11.2010

Michael: How long were you here?
Fania: Almost a year. From September until July.
What did you, for example, umm..well, you weren't always fighting.
No, we used to get together and sing, we were happy.
What should I tell you? We were very afraid of epidemics.
Careful there shouldn't be infections. So we cooked everything.
So, and what did we sow (make) from parachutes?
We sowed things together, they were white.
So you see your shirt. We'd boil the material (with dye?)
to get it green or if you did it longer it would be red.
Michael: And how did you fight off the mosquitos?
Honestly, I don't remember them.
There was always firepit/pyre where we would cook.
So maybe it was better here after the ghetto?
Of course!! We were human. That was the key thing.
I lost a lot of friends here, my school friends...
The two Lubowski brothers were killed. One was killed
December 31, 1943. His brother was killed.
A school friend of mine named Dudulski was killed.
But they died in battle! There's a big difference there.
Being killed is terrible but it's a very different thing to die fighting.
Were there any romances?
Yeah. I married a Partisan, my husband was a Partisan.
We married in July after the war.
You met him here in the forest? Yes, right here.
We returned to Vilna on the 13th and married on the 22nd.
We were the first in Vilna to register.
And you made a wedding dress?
Absolutely, of course.
By the way, when I was signing up
if they had told me one needed more than 15 rubles
I wouldn't of signed up because I had absolutely no money.
But a coworker came and gave me a cucumber from her garden.
As well as something else and said "now you can remember you were married."