3D acrylic resin nail art design: Flower & French manicure

Uploaded by cutenails on 12.09.2012

Hi everybody, in this video I'll show you a new nail art.
It's a little special and you'll see more of it in my upcoming videos.
It's 3D nail art which I've done with acrylic resin.
I hope that you'll like this new tutorial.
This one's not really to explain how I do but just to show you because it's my first 3D nail art.
I hope you'll like the video; let’s watch it.
First, I make a dramatic French manicure. You can find a link to the tutorial of how to make a dramatic french manicure in the annotation.
I have used a beige nail polish which is quite common
and a purple one for the French.
I did the markout with a liner.
Then, we’ll need white acrylic resin
and the bonding acrylic nail liquid to make the acrylic paint.
And finally a pointed acrylic brush.
Now I dip my brush in the acrylic liquid and I wipe it.
I take a small amount of resin and I wipe it on a piece of paper
and then apply it on my nail.
I'll wait until the ball becomes slightly matt.
Then, I'll flatten it. To flatten
bring the tip of the brush towards the center of the flower.
Now I flatten it well to make the petal.
It'll be up to you to see whether you like the 3D rendering to be emphasized or if you prefer flat petals.
If you like flat ones, you flatten it more with the brush.
So I do it again with another drop.
Consider placing the petals one over the other.
It looks great !
If the resin is too wet, you'll see that you won't be able to flatten it.
And also if it is too dry, it'll be hard and you won't be able to flatten it.
That's why I wait some three or four seconds before flattening it.
Here it is, I have forwarded the video a bit because it takes some time to do 3D nail arts.
To make the leaves, first I make a drop
and flatten it on the sides
and then, I make the tip.
When the leaf has dried a little, I will use the back of the brush or another tool
to make the lines for it to look like a leaf
and finally make it hollow in the middle.
Then, I use white acrylic paint
since its whiter than the resin.
I take a small brush and make the outlines of the petals to bring them out.
To have even better looking flowers
I have made lots of lines on the petals
from the outside to the inside.
They must be very small ones so I used diluted paint.
To be able to make very small lines.
Then, I make some lines around, quick ones.
And I apply three small rhinestones with rhinestone glue.
To make it hold better.
For the finish, I apply the topcoat.
You have to apply the topcoat on the side of the flowers.
Not on on the flower itself otherwise the 3D effect will vanish; it won't be nice at all.
As you can see, I apply the top coat on the side.
You can apply some matte top coat on the flower it won't spoil it.
Or some glue.
Here it is, hope you liked the video. PLease comment below to tell me what you think of 3D Nails arts and hit like if you like them.
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