How to make Noodles with black bean paste[Jajangmyeon]

Uploaded by KFoodAddict on 18.10.2011

Hello. This is Chloe from K FoodAddict :-)
Today, I want to show you how to make
one of the most popular Korean-Chinese dishes called
For this recipe, you will need
First of all, cut all the vegetables and pork into half cm of cube shape.
I'm using diced pork.
So I'm just cutting them a little bit more.
Some big one.
You don't need to cut all ingredients into exact sizes.
So now, we are going to fry black bean paste.
If you use this without frying,
it tastes quite bitter.
That's why we fry it.
You can get this product in Asian or Korean grocery store.
I'm making it for 2people.
So add 2 table spoon oil first.
and 2table spoon of black bean paste.
If you are making it for 5people,
add 5table spoon of oil and 5table spoon of the paste.
so it's something like that.
For 10people?
10 : 10
It's easy to remember.
And stir it for 5minutes on medium heat.
After 5minutes
add pork
and potato.
which takes a long time to cook.
so we fry them little bit longer than the other veggie ingredients.
I'll season with
1table spoon of crushed garlic
and 2table spoon of cooking wine.
Cooking wine is optional.
So if you don't have one, that's fine :-)
And 2tea spoon of sugar.
Fry them until the pork cooked.
And don't forget to stir occassionally to prevent burning.
Now, my pork is cooked.
So put the remaining ingredients.
cabbage and onion.
Stir them.
Also add one cup of water
(More stirring for around 5-8minutes.)
When the potato cooked properly
taste the sauce.
And season with sugar or salt depending on the taste.
As you can see, the sauce is still watery.
But don't worry!
We can use starch paste to thicken it.
So here is 2table spoon of starch powder.
add 2table spoon of water.
And mix it up.
Do carefully like this.
Pour it little by little to the fan(?!)
to the pan(!!)
Aaaa...... :-$
while you check the sauce is thick enough.
Stir it little bit more.
And I would like to add
half a teaspoon of sesame oil for the aroma.
Stir all together.
So now, Jajang sauce is finished!
Prepare the noodles just before serving
because noodle is easy to be cooked.
You can use thick white noodles like Udon.
Boil them for 3-4minutes.
until the noodles cooked properly.
When the noodle is cooked
Strain it.
Now, it's ready to serve!
Add noodles first on the plate.
And cover the noodles with the sauce.
Optionally, you can put some cucumber stips
or boiled egg for a garnish.
Also I'd like to put little bit sesame seeds as well.
Or you can also use green peas.
I hope you enjoy Jajangmyeon and
Thanks for watching.
Gam Sa Ham Ni Da! ('Thank you' in Korean)