The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 4

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 20, 2012


JEFF WINKLER: So we are in Day Four, and obviously, we're
still trying to iron out some kinks here.
We came to a location, we shot a whole bunch of stuff.
We did get what we needed, but we were rushed.
When you're up against the clock, you've got to be out of
somewhere by--
there's two types of things, there's out and then
there's hard out.
So if you say you're going to wrap at four o'clock, usually
that means we stop shooting at four o'clock, then you've got
a hard out.
That means everything is clear and everything is out of the
building by four o'clock.
We had a hard out at four, and it's now 3:52, so now it's my
job-- and we're going to turn the cameras off for this
because it's gross and you don't want to see it.
I have to butter up the owners and be really nice to them and
beg them to not charge us more money to be here, thank them,
thank them, thank you for letting us be here today, we
appreciate it.
It's the worst thing to do because I don't like being
nice to people.
GREG ARONOWITZ: We just started filming, but I already
have a season highlight.
My baby boy, Art, the French bulldog, got a
cameo in this season.
He was stellar on set.
He was the best he's ever been.
He hit his marks.
I mean, in all honesty, he did better than Jeff Lewis today,
so I am a proud pet owner, and hopefully he'll end up with
his own show soon.
LESLEY VICTORINE: My name is Lesley, clean and I'm a big
fan of The Guild.
I first got into it from my husband, who watched the show,
and he showed it to me and I thought it was really funny.
And then one day they were looking for extras and I lived
really close by, so I said, all right, I'll come do it.
So that's how I started doing background for The Guild.
Since it's been a year, I haven't seen these people for
a long time, and so it's really almost like a reunion,
kind of, for all the background people to get
together again, and it's really fun.
It's like a small little family here.
JA VONNA BOYKIN: My name's Ja Vonna Boykin, and I go
by the handle JV.
I learned about The Guild through the Guild of Extras.
I'm part of that group, and we just love going out and just
shooting for The Guild.
I've been doing a lot of work [INAUDIBLE]
people over here, so I really enjoy it.
This is my hobby.
And sometimes people ask me, are you insane?
You do those long hours and you don't get paid?
And I said, everybody needs a hobby, whether it pays or not,
so I really enjoy this.
Coming back after a year, if you're like me, know friends
and family because I'm used to everybody now.
It's just like when but we don't meet up, you kind of
feel lost from your group and from your pack, and this is
like a pack of video gamers, Whovians, Star Trekkies, and
it's amazing.
Shooting on camera with everybody and meeting some of
the cast and crew members, you always remember them, and
they're always super nice, so it's just family again.
I'm Amy Hirschman, and I was in the cafe scene.
It's so much fun coming back after-- it's
been more than a year--
and getting to see all the cast and crew and see that
it's all still going strong.
Everyone's really like a family, so even when you're
not in the scene, you're just standing by, you have someone
to talk to.
It's a lot of fun.
I'm Crystal Siri, and I was one of the extras in Season
Six of The Guild just now.
I was an extra in Season Five too, so I'm glad I got to do
this again.
And it's just great being here, getting a bit of a
behind the scenes look, and getting to check out exactly
how it's made and see all the hard work that everyone is
doing just to get something like this out to us fans.
My name's Scott Atkins.
Today, I was a background extra for The Guild, Season
Six, which primarily involved standing in one place and
acting like I wasn't bored out of my mind for an
extremely long time.
I also walked through a door, I think.
Season Five, they put out the call for extras, and I jumped
on the chance for that, so I was in Season
Five and Six now.
It's just a lot of fun.
Hanging out with the cast is pretty freaking awesome.