D-trix Presents DANCE SHOWDOWN | Season 2 | Official Trailer

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-6, 7, 8, girls, 8.

-You do not want to win bad enough.
-You should never dance again.

Oh, god.
That's not what this show is about.
Cue the flashback.

That was then, but now we've got all new moves.
The moonwalk.

The cabbage patch.

The running man.

I'm just kidding.
This season we've got 12 new YouTube sensations.
ONLYUSEmeBLADE, Alphacat, Stillababe09, Meghanrosette,
ExoticJess, prankvsprank, ChimneySwept11,
brittanilouisetaylor, ChesterC, Andrew Garcia, Miss
Hanah Minx, and Screenteam.
Paired up with some of the world's best professionals
dancers, all competing to win over to viewers, and our
judges' vote.
Listen, that face?
-I thought that was great.
I was a little confused with the story.
-I think it was cool, but I think parts of it were sloppy.
But parts were really good.
-There was a move in there where you crushed your balls
-You guys did great.
I just wanted to see more from you.
-As far as everybody else was very like bam, bam.
-I wanted you to give just a little bit more of that oomph,
as well.
-I hated it.
I did.
-I don't know if maybe that's your dancer face.
Sometimes I have a dancer face.
I'm like, all right.
-Don't confuse our YouTubers with the idea of what dance
-You're right, but you know what?
We're judging on this.
We're judging on this.
-We're not judging, we're inspiring.
-Well, I have numbers from 1 to 10.
I don't know if that's judging or not, but--
-For a chance to win up to $100,000.
Money tastes good.

Featuring Just Dance 4.

Special effects.