Fighting to Inspire the Mind and Spirit

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Paul Tierney: "The great thinkers of the world were really entrepreneurs.
Aristotle and Plato and Descartes--they expanded the realm of the possible.
Studying the works of these great authors inspired me to not only question where I wanted
my life to go, but how I wanted to live it." Narrator: "Paul Tierney is a graduate of
The University of Notre Dame's Philosophy department, the founder of fine businesses,
and the chairman of Technoserve, a non-profit organization that provides training and guidance
to entrepreneurs in developing economies." Paul Tierney: Notre Dame taught me a lot about
how to analyze complicated problems and perhaps most importantly, to understand the importance
of imagination and creativity. So in looking at situations in Africa or India
or Latin America with Technoserve, I harkened back to the days with Notre Dame, where I
faced some problems where I really didn't know how to start, but I knew there was a
solution. Elizabeth Davis: "After graduation I want
to work on addressing food sustainability, which is why I decided to study the Humanities
at Notre Dame because I knew it was an issue without simple answers and I wanted to be
able to approach it in a creative and credible way."
Dr. Steve Fallon: "In studying the humanities at Notre Dame, students are confronted with
great thinkers and artists became great by forging new paths so students learn they must
think for themselves, and then they leave Notre Dame with a sense not only of how to
make their way in the world, but how to make the world better as they go.
Narrator: "The University of Notre Dame asks what would you fight for?"
Dr. Steve Fallon: "Fighting to inspire the mind and spirit."
Paul Tierney and Elizabeth Davis: "We are the Fighting Irish."