Mothers Day Gift Ideas : Assembling a Paper Lantern

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

O.k., I've just finished scoring all the serrations on the lantern, and now I'm going to put a
little bit of red sticky strip here, from top to bottom, and push that down, peel it
off and then I'm just going to adhere one end to the other. Just overlapping the amount
of the sticky strip. O.k., and then that a few little pushes to give the lantern some
shape. O.k. Now the next thing I want to do is attach my handle and this handle was 6
inches by 2.25 and I just scored it on both sides and then folded it flat. And I'm just
going to put a little bit of adhesive in there to keep the handle tight, and I just ran out
of adhesive. So, it's a good time to show you how to change your adhesive. Here's my
refill I just pop out the old, take out this yellow strip, pop it back in, and I'm ready
to go. So again, I'm just putting a little adhesive down to make the handle. And then
I'm just going to mount it on the inside with a brad, and I going to be using the small
punch, the 1/8 punch, I'm just going to punch it on one side and then the handle. And then
I'm going to punch it on the other side, I'm going to center it the same way I did on the
other side. And then the handle and I'm just going to be using some silver brads to attach
this. You could use color brads that match, which ever you choose. But I just want to
get some silver ones on here. And the reason we gave that handle a little bit of extra
folds, is to make it sturdy. So there you go with your handle, and there's your lantern
taking shape and you can see on this one, I have one of those safe tea lights that are
run off a battery. And so you can put these all around your table, you can hang these
on a string between a doorway, or anywhere in the kitchen to make a quick and cute decoration
for your Mother's Day table. And don't stop there, you can see on this one, I've added
different flowers, using my punches, you could use your die cut adhesives from the Simply
Scrapping Kit. There's a million and one ways to decorate these, and no matter what way,
which paper you use, you'll have a beautiful paper lantern.