Vietnam - The Hidden Charm

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Vietnam is a country where people and nature live in harmony and where humane values constitute
to the country’s sign identity. The beauty of Vietnam is like a blooming bird, like a
wide opening brace, like a stream originated from a far water source gradually becoming
a deep river running into a big ocean, like smiling eyes and the shy but attractive faces
of girls hiding behind nice conical hats. Vietnam - friendly, hospitable and beautiful.
This is Vietnam, nocturnally colorful and sophisticated beauty. And the central culture
crystalizes between heaven, earth and the hearts of Vietnamese people. Traveling from
North to the South, each stop is a new discovery. Ha Long Bay, sparkles in the light of the
early dawn, is seen as indescribable beauty. The early fog of Sapa drifts effortlessly
across the mountain peaks thousands of meters above the sea. Famous for its imposing landscapes,
its beautiful forests connected by ocean foot trails, adopted with handmade decorative costumes
of the ethnic people. Long associated with the legend about the lady living in the rush
hot spur on the magical pond deep inside the stone mountain, Ba Be lake is one of the 20
largest fresh water lakes in the world. The capital of Hanoi is tranquil and ancient.
A unique cyclo tour of Hanoi’s Old quarter will provide the chance to discover the ordinary
and simple but subtle charm rarely found as each street opens before your eyes into a
Vietnamese culture space. Enjoy a peaceful day in the Ancient Emperor Capital City of
Hue. Royal tunes, temples and pagodas lying in sacred silence recall many legends of Vietnamese
kings and mandarins.
The majestic and mysterious Five Marble Mountain keeps the long held forbidden secret at its
heart. And Buddha followers believe that it is one of the resting places of the great
Buddha. Arriving at night in the ancient town of Hoi An, visitors are lured into a fairy
land of lights and sparkling candles. The Hoai River is like a twinkling silk ribbon,
moving rhythmically in the dark, while the quaint streets are decorated with colorful
lanterns. Take a slow pace to the end of the lonely street and soon you will leave all
your worries behind. The historic town of Hoi An is truly a land capturing long held
memory and hung by strong spiritual values that remain unchanged with time. Phu Quoc
Island has more than one hundred and fifty kilometers of long beautiful coastline. Raised
by rich ecosystem and a warm climate all year round, the island is an ideal destination
for visitors who love to explore nature. The rustic Cham tower in the holy sanctuary of
My Son mysteriously appears at sunrise. Despite the eroding effort of rain, moist and the
impact of time, the architecture detail remains sharp and clear with images of artisans and
workers in loincloths polishing each line of adornments. Welcome to a Cong festival
in the central highland. Cong here is recognized as an important culture artifact by UNESCO.
The sound of Cong by fire in the Rong old communal house leaves a lasting impression
on visitors. Wherever you are in Vietnam, in a bustling city or a far flung mountainous
province, you’ll have the chance to discover the beauty of life, and lose yourself in breath
taking nature. Ho Chi Minh City is both modern and busy, but preserves many traditional values
found of the past 300 years. This is reflected in the architecture of Sai Gon Notre Dame
Cathedral and other buildings far which have withstood the test of time. Slowly drifting
down the Mekong River Delta, you can mingle in the typical lifestyle of the wetland area,
where floating markets are imbued with the soul and identity of the local people. The
harmony of Vietnam populated with friendly generous people welcome guests from all parts
of the world. Vietnam is very proud to offer its hospitality, peace loving and cordial
services. Along with Vietnamese cuisine, you can taste European delicacy and experience
luxurious services or discover sustainable tourism. Treat yourself to an evening of mosaic
classical melodies or take pleasure in the many different forms of Vietnamese folklores.
Custom made adventure packages and relaxing travel experiences can be made to satisfy
the interests of tourists from all over the world. Vietnam’s natural beauty in culture
is on display through amazing opportunity such as marine tour, eco-friendly tour and
for the bolder heart wide venture tour. You might try trekking over a high mountain passage
to participate in the life of ethnic minorities in the more distant mountainous regions or
be amazed by the astonishing wilderness of the untouched tropical mangrove forests. You
can not only admire the natural beauty but also taste it, feel it, live it.
The safe atmosphere and hidden charm of culture values distinguish Vietnam and its people,
making it an ideal destination for travellers from the world over. Attractive as it is dazzling,
a tour of Vietnam would be most memorable. Here, you can leave your soul rest in the
midst of natural beauty and to experience and understand the sentimental values instilled
in the hearts of the people.