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There's a new real estate threat thats becoming more and more popular. Selling your home yourself,
with a little online help. Already people have saved themselves tens of thousands of
Dianne Reed sold her Auchenflower home herself because she thought she could do a better
job. She was right.
The prices they were suggesting of listing it at, I ended up getting I think $35,000
It took 3 open houses in 3 weeks to sell. She saved $15,000 that would have gone to
a agent as commission.
And I created brochures and advertising, open days. So you do have to have the time, but
for $15,000 its well worth it.
Dianne did have help. She used a website called PropertyNow. One of the new brand of online
real estate companies helping people DIY their sale.
For a flat fee of around $500, the company organises advertising and offer advice along
the way. And act as middle men, introducing the buyer to the seller.
Sellers like Dianne then look after inspections and negotiations.
Our average client would save about $10,000 to $15,000. The record at the moment is someone
up in Brisbane, a young lady saved $85,000 with us.
Sarah Moscoso thinks she'll save $12,000 in fees.
Also the buyer, its a real bargaining tool. We're selling it privately so we can give
you a bit of a discount on the price.
Her place went online last week. Its already had 100 hits, and a few serious buyers.
In the past 5 years this one company alone has sold 535 properties, almost half of those
in the last 18 months, but real estate experts warn that there are risks.
The real risk of getting the paperwork wrong in terms of the contracting process, is really
on some occasions opening the door for the buyer to be able to crash the contract virtually
as you have the moving van in the driveway.
They say agents know the market, and know how to negotiate, but if you do your homework.
The overseas holiday has already happened.