Dryer Repair- Replacing the High Limit Thermostat (Whirlpool Part #3977767)

Uploaded by partselect on 15.03.2011

Hi, it’s Steve from Partselect. Today we’re going to show you how to change the high limit
thermostat on your dryer. It’s an easy repair. All we need is a quarter inch nut driver and
a pair of needle nose pliers.
The very first thing that we need to do is disconnect the power to the dryer. If it has
a plug merely remove that from the socket. If it’s a hard-wired dryer we need to find
the source and disconnect the power there.
The second thing that we need to do is remove the dryer vent. We need to pull the appliance
out because all of this repair is going to be done from the back.
Now we need to remove all of the screws holding the back panel on. On this model there are
nine quarter inch screws.
replace the high limit thermostat we need to, first of all, remove these two wires.
Now we need to lift the thermostat off of the heater connection and rotate it out of
the opening. This hole fits around a tab inside there. Take our new thermostat, locate that
hole over the tab and press it on to the terminal on the heater. Make sure it’s firmly in
place and reconnect our wires.
The last thing we need to do is put our back panel in place.
That really was an easy repair, wasn’t it? Good luck with your repair and thanks for