JUSTIN BIEBER BELIEVE TOUR - Online Dance Auditions Update from Jon M. Chu!! [DS2DIO]

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 14.08.2012

Jon M. Chu: What's going on, guys? Jon M. Chu, the creative director for the Justin
Bieber Believe tour. I wanted to thank you guys all for submitting a ton of videos. We
have only a few days left so make sure you get it in before this Friday. We got some
amazing, amazing videos. You guys have been inspiring, you guys have been amazing so keep
'em coming. All you need to do is put our DS2DIO logo, it's my YouTube dance channel,
I'll make sure that's how we find you. Also make sure you tag it, #believetourauditions,
give us a little something about yourself, dance the way you want to dance, show us what
you got. Again, this is not a contest, it's just if we like you, we might bring you on
tour or maybe in a city we might pick you to come up on stage. Check it out, you got
a few more days left. Go do it. We're really excited, we have a great, great show, and
here's just a little video of some of the ones that we like. So, check it out.