Butterfly seed memorial cards and funeral gifts from Next Gen Memorials

Uploaded by smebner on 22.04.2010

These are our forget-me-not butterfly cards. As you'll see, the butterfly appears to be
flying off the page. Embedded in this handmade paper are seeds
that are forget-me-not seeds. Forget-me-not are very hardy and very beautiful
blue flowers, And when this butterfly is removed and planted,
forget-me-not seeds and plants will grow, in loving memory of the person that you've
lost. This card is very nice because you can write
inside on the left side You can write a poem, which you can find on
our website, and on the right side you might want to say
something like we say here: Plant these forget-me-not seeds, in loving
memory of Robert Smith, Who is gone but always remembered.
And on the back, you'll see planting instructions on how to plant the butterfly.
They come in six different color combinations as you'll see.
This one is very nice, potentially for a man, it's a little bit more masculine.
And same thing, you can have both sides personalized. They also come with envelopes, you'll see
this, Cream matches the cream,
Or, you also might want to choose, if you choose the blue and the white,
the white envelopes. Envelopes aren't really required if you are
going to hand them out at a service. However, if you plan on potentially sending
thank you notes, or you might want to send these to people
who wanted to attend but for some reason unfortunately could not attend the service
They're very nice to send afterwards. We do ship to 25 countries.
Mostly to the United States and Canada, but we do ship to England, Ireland, most of
Europe, and 25 other countries that are listed on
our website. They can be shipped international overnight,
Or in the United States or Canada we can also ship ground.
So, these butterfly cards will add a unique and special touch to the service.